Worry-free with domestic travel insurance

Worry-free with domestic travel insurance

The beginning of 2021 was a mourning for the aviation world. Sriwijaya Air plane SJ 182 Jakarta-Pontianak crashed in the waters of the Thousand Islands.

The accident claimed the lives of sixty-two passengers. The details, 50 passengers and 12 cabin crew. This unfortunate event is not the first time. Previously there was a Lion Air JT 610 that crashed off the coast of Karawang.

Trigana Air Service Flight 267 crashed into Mount Tangok Papua, AirAsia QZ 8501 crashed in the Java Sea, and other transportation accidents.

For those of you who want or like to travel, insurance is very important as self-protection from various risks during travel, both out of town and abroad.

These risks include accidents, missed flights, loss and damage to baggage, loss of documents, illness, and even death on the way.

Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic travel insurance is a loss insurance that provides protection for holidays and special business affairs in the city.

That means, only valid if your trip is done in Indonesia only. Not for traveling abroad.

Domestic Travel Insurance Benefits

If you apply for domestic travel insurance before traveling, you will get benefits or benefits borne by the insurance company if at any time experiencing risks during the trip.

Covered by domestic travel insurance, including:

  • Medical expenses due to illness on vacation
  • Accident treatment costs
  • Lost or damaged baggage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Flight delays or cancellations
  • Death benefit
  • The cost of returning the body to the city of origin.

Before Applying For Domestic Travel Insurance Note This

Many people neglect travel insurance. It’s not important or not aware. Wong health insurance or life insurance as basic insurance is not necessarily they have, let alone travel insurance.

They think enough with jasa Raharja insurance or already covered by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Travel insurance is different.

Travel insurance protects or indemnifies against a wider range of risks. It’s not just accidents or death benefits. More than that.

Disaster no one knows when it comes. Can befall anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

God forbid if something unexpected happens while on vacation or dining out of town, you don’t need to worry anymore because domestic travel insurance is protected.

Before applying for domestic travel insurance, you should pay attention or consider the following:

How long have you been traveling?

If you want to make domestic travel insurance, first make sure how long you will travel. This time will affect the cost of your premium.

How many finances do you have?

Choosing domestic travel insurance should also consider the condition of the wallet. If the money is mediocre, but you have to go out of town for a long time, buy travel insurance with a premium that suits your financial capabilities.

Make sure if you are traveling with family, choose insurance that offers Family Protection types. The premium amount is again adjusted to the contents of the wallet.

What are the benefits of protection that you definitely get?

Even if you choose a cheap premium, make sure you get the benefits of protection that is not cheap. The benefits remain according to your needs.

For example, there are personal accident protection benefits, medical treatment costs, compensation for delays, lost luggage, to trip cancellation with a ceiling that is quite sufficient.

So, make sure you read the terms and conditions on the policy sheet before buying domestic travel insurance so you don’t regret it later.

How do I apply?

Choose domestic travel insurance that has a variety of filing channels, including through online. So if you don’t have time, just click file from your phone or laptop.

The submission process is also fast. Not for hours or days. Just a few minutes, done. Very easy for those of you who want to travel suddenly.

What is the claim procedure?

It is also very important to check. The claim procedure, easy or even make it difficult alias mumet. Of course, anyone wants to buy insurance that is easy in filing claims.

Likewise in choosing domestic travel insurance. Choose what doesn’t bother you, both in terms of time and energy. Documents as a condition for filing a claim is also not too much.

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