Types of investments suitable for students

Types of investments suitable for students

For some students who have non-permanent financial flows, it is better if you adjust in advance the finances, needs to what type of financial instruments are in sync with your needs.

Remind yourself that when starting to invest there are things that you should pay attention to, namely risk, global investment and have known the theory of high risk, high return.

Well, preventing prolonged losses here are some types of investments that are suitable for students, namely:

Mutual funds

Mutual funds have several parts in it, this one financial instrument is synchronous and suitable for you students or students. The main consideration is certainly about time, income & inflation.

Well, if you invest in mutual funds you should not have to risk using inflation as long as you set the investment using the current term of the next five years.

Mutual funds that are suitable for development are money market mutual funds and bonds. These two things have a relatively measurable risk level, rather than determining stock mutual funds.

There are some things that you should test and analyze indicators such as Aum (Asset Under Management), Expense Ratio (operating expenses controlled by the investment manager), CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) which means mutual performance at 1, 3, five years to news about BI Rate policy.

P2P Lending

P2P lending is one of the funding instruments that can put a relatively high level of return. Usually returns can be more based on 12%. if you can analyze using good, of course the profit will be more poly achieved through various kinds of project diversification process.

In this P2P lending function is a platform that brings together lenders using money borrowers. Where money borrowers have a business project or other urgent needs and really need a quick loan.

Well, if you become a student it is good to see the business projects that will be funded. Learn and focus on what you can afford as an obstacle, for example what the future market projections to barriers to refunds.

F&B Franchise Business

Business investment using opening a franchise is one of the amazing things to receive exclusive profits without the hassle of creating branding from the start. However, you must have a relatively large capital to buy a brand. Do not forget to make sure the location you choose is a strategic location.

Minimize Investment Risk, So Young And Smart!

To minimize your investment risk, try not to put all funds in one investment product. When young it is good if you explore all the patterns to analyze which investment products can put high output.

So, spread your funds in a variety of instruments as well as in a portfolio compound & make sure you know your risk profile when investing. Try to remain silent in the face of investment risks that are likely to occur.

Try to always think about long-term profits so that you always pay attention to potential and discipline. Remember not to panic when you make an investment. Choose the best investment instrument that synchronizes with your needs and finances.

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