Types of Investment For High Passive Income!

Types of Investment For High Passive Income!

The types of investments that are profitable can not be reviewed based on a large output at a short time. There is a separate risk in every investment made, so based on that you must look at each investment instrument and the risk it has, as a result you can invest more wisely.

Did you know that the generic theory when investing is that high risk, high return? Not only serious in the output that akbar, but we also need to look at the side of the loss Akbar behind that can happen. Therefore, TaniFund has collected generic types of investments found in Indonesia!

Main Objectives Of Investment

Before entering and know a lot of types of investments that exist in Indonesia, try to know in advance the primary objectives based on investment activities, among others:

  • To obtain profits (short, medium, or long term).
  • To make efforts already owned.
  • For collateral or business emergency deposits & other needs.
  • To protect your financial condition and family based on the negative impact of inflation if it occurs at any time.
  • For preparation funds use exclusively future purposes.

Types of investments that are common in Indonesia

After the primary purpose of your investment, then let’s get to know what types of generic investments exist in Indonesia today. Come on, get to know more below!

Stock Investment

The type of stock investment that is on the rise in almost all global is stock investment. The generic way to do this is to buy shares on the stock exchange and later you can sell them back at any time. The benefits you get in this process will be in the form of dividends that will be given by the issuer.

Stocks themselves belong to the type of long-term investment. This type of investment does have a relatively large profit opportunity, but the risks that must be ready to face are not disappointingly high. That is why you must first know the ins and outs based on stock investment before it is valid to do so.

Mutual Fund Investment

The next type of investment is mutual fund investment. This type of investment is highly recommended and evaluated to be suitable for novice investors. Mutual fund investment itself is recommended because the risk is not too high, but it can permanently make a profit that does not disappoint, especially for novice investors.

Various companies currently provide mutual fund investment platforms using very low initial capital. To be able to start investing in mutual funds, you relatively prepare capital starting from IDR 10,000.00 to IDR 100,000.00 only. Another advantage based on this type of investment is the existence of an investment manager who will help manage your funds.

Property Investment

Property investment does require porto or capital that is not small. To be able to invest in property, at least you need to prepare capital up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. However, even though the capital is very high, property investment is very promising for the long term.

As is commonly known, the price or value of property such as land and buildings will always be higher every year. In fact, the increase in value can reach 15 to 20% depending on the location and extent.

Property investment is one type of investment that is considered not to be receding because the location of residence or building is the basic need of all people. You don’t have to own the property you invest in. You can rent or lease the property to someone else.

P2P Lending

P2P Lending is one type of funding instrument that is being famous in recent years. This system is a service that is generally provided by the financial service or platform using the example of a business that brings together Capital owners or lenders using individuals or business entities that need business capital.

In the P2P Lending process, lenders will receive funds based on the main return and interest based on the loan. The profit that can be obtained based on funding in P2P Lending itself can reach 12 to 16% in some exclusive business industries.

One example is TaniFund which is a serious P2P Lending platform in the agricultural industry in Indonesia and is ready to bring you together using the best local farmers. Find lots of interesting agricultural, cultivation, and food MSME projects only on TaniFund!

Gold Investment

The next type of investment instrument is gold and many other precious metals. This type of investment is suitable for those of you who want a long-term investment type using a risk that tends to be small. Due to the price of gold and precious metals that will continue to rise, this type of investment is indeed quite conducive to try.

Currently there are a lot of implementation or online platforms that allow you to be able to invest in Gold online. With the gold saving system for example, you have been able to start investing even just using tens of thousands to use one hundred thousand rupiah more, you know!

Time Deposit

Time deposits are actually almost like using a type of savings in general, it’s just that the interest owned has a higher value. Time deposits themselves generally have a regular and clear maturity date (generally three to 12 months).

Basically, the profit you can get by making a Time Deposit depends on the amount of money you put in. The higher the nominal, it will increase the profit you can get. And vice versa.

This type of investment is an investment that is considered conducive because it is inflation resistant and its security is very guaranteed by the bank where you make this investment.


The last type of investment is bonds. Bonds themselves are medium-term and long-term debt securities that will later be transferable. Bonds are a type of investment that is suitable for those of you who are looking for an investment that is conducive and guaranteed by the government.

Debt securities listed on bonds generally contain a promise based on the issuer to be able to pay in return in the form of interest in the exclusive period and pay off the main debt in the moments that have been affected along with using the bondholders. The interest received by the bondholder is usually claimed using the word coupon.

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