Transfer SMS Banking Mandiri complete with examples and a list of commands

Transfer SMS Banking Mandiri complete with examples and a list of commands

After successfully registering for SMS Banking, your next question is how to transfer SMS Banking Mandiri? Relax, in this article I will discuss it thoroughly. Then not only the transfer step, but complete along with the next such as the list of M-Banking Mandiri commands.

To facilitate customers when doing transaction activities, bank Mandiri has presented a variety of cutting-edge banking technology.

This is similar to other banks, Bank Mandiri already offers a variety of transaction features that are not only able to do through the ATM network. Then not only e-Banking, bank Mandiri also presents m-Banking. Even for business people, being able to try the standalone features of internet business.

Doing financial or non-financial transactions together with SMS Banking Mandiri, is another alternative if you are in a less stable area of the internet network. This facility will be your choice because you can do it practically and effectively.

Transaction type m-Banking Mandiri

Transfer SMS Banking Mandiri complete with examples and a list of commands
Transfer SMS Banking Mandiri complete with examples and a list of commands
  • Can transfer funds either transfer between Bank Mandiri accounts (among banks) or transfer to other banks (between banks);
  • You can use M-Banking Mandiri to check your savings account balance as well as loan and foreign currency savings;
  • Get clear info on Mandiri Visa bills, savings interest rates and foreign exchange rates, deposit interest rates, and clear Info on the last 5 Transactions of your Mandiri account;
  • Then you can use to make payments: Telkom, Mandiri Visa bill, Halo card, Telkom Flexi, XPlor, Matrix, Esia, Fren, Garuda, StarOne, Air Esia, Air Efata, Merpati Air, Adam Air, Travel Agent, Riau Air, PBB, PLN, XL Kita, Compass, CBN Internet, Indosat Net, Indo Vision, Kabel Vision, Axa Mandiri, Multiartha, Perbanas Jakarta, Bina Sarana Informatika, and Amikom Yogya;
  • Furthermore, it is able to add convenience in purchasing: IM3 Smart recharge vouchers, sympathy, Mentari, Flexi Trendy, XL Bebas, Esia and Fren, and StarOne;
  • Similarly, you will receive SMS notifications when: debit or credit activities at a certain value, rejection of checks or bilyet giro, maturity of Mandiri deposit account, Mandiri account balance at a certain value;
  • You can also change your PIN.

M-Banking Mandiri SMS fee

You need to know, bank Mandiri does not charge fees for transaction activities through m-Banking (free). As for this fee, the burden comes from the telephone operator you use.

For different SMS costs, this depends on the policy from the operator you use.

Telkomsel: Halo card Rp 500, US card Rp 550, and Simpati card Rp 550;
Indosat and XL: information transaction Rp 500, Transfer transaction, payment, and purchase Rp 1,000;

The fee above is a per-transaction fee that will reduce your credit quantity if you use prepaid. If you use postpaid then it will go to the monthly bill.

How to Transfer SMS Banking Mandiri following example

There are two steps to perform transaction activities using M-Banking Mandiri, namely: together with

Tap SMS and select Menu.

SMS typing is a transaction that you do along with the step of manually typing a specific command format on the mobile phone SMS screen. Then you send the next SMS to number 3355. How to type this SMS you can do on GSM phone numbers and including CDMA.

Select Menu is a transaction activity along with the step select menu on

Standalone SMS on mobile. This select menu service can only be enjoyed on GSM phone numbers only.

The format of the Mandiri SMS Banking command is of course different. It depends along with your needs. Below I will list some of the most frequently used transaction formats.

An example of interbank above is, transfer to Bank BRI (002). For more information, you can see the following link.

If the format of the SMS command you have sent, you will get a reply SMS or notification. If all the information you received is correct, please reply to the next SMS along with 2 digits PIN SMS Banking bank Mandiri.

List of Mandiri SMS Banking commands

Maybe that’s all the discussion regarding the steps to transfer m-Banking bank Mandiri. Hope this article was helpful …

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