Tips for moving EPS Data-Old topics to EPS Data-Latest Topics

Tips for moving EPS Data-Old topics to EPS Data-Latest Topics

One of the obligations of EPS-Topik participants who pass is required to register to have an EPS-Topik account. Because without having an EPS-Topik account, CTKI Korea cannot know about the development of its immigration information or job application information.

So from that having an EPS – Topik account can be said to be mandatory if CTKI Korea does not want to miss information about the development of its sending information. Having EPS-Topik account for CTKI Korea can get accurate information. Although later notifications can be available from BNP2TKI but along with seeing the progress information in the EPS-Topik CTKI account, you can get the most up-to-date information.

In addition, CTKI Korea is able to monitor each development of its immigration information, along with the EPS-Topik account, CTKI Korea is able to find out the EPS-Topik score obtained. Then for CTKI Korea who is eligible to take the Special Ability Test (Skill Test) is able to monitor it also through this EPS-Topik account. So there is no reason for CTKI Korea not to directly register as a member of EPS-Topik. How to register in EPS-Topik CTKI Korea was able to see it against my previous writing about how to register and become a member of EPS-Topik.
Then the account function in EPS-Topik is to carry out the exchange of old EPS-Topik information to the latest EPS-Topik information. This is done by several reasons, including :

CTKI Korea has not received an employment contract until the EPS-Topik certificate pass limit is exhausted. Because the EPS-Topik certificate has expired, it means that CTKI Korea is unable to continue the sending data process. So from that we must take the Korean language exam (EPS-Topik Test) again. Now because CTKI Korea has taken the EPS-Topik repeat Test, the EPS-Topik information automatically switches too, namely the EPS-Topik number. While EPS – Topik account ownership applies only to one CTKI per account. If CTKI Korea experiences something like this, CTKI is obliged to exchange information on EPS-Topik accounts.
Moving information is done because CTKI Korea, which already has an EPS-Topik account for the previous year, did not pass the EPS-Topik Test. Cases like this are also mandatory for CTKI Korea to update EPS-Topik information. Because of course not similar EPS-Topik information when CTKI Korea does not pass and after being declared passed.

How do I Move old EPS-topic Data to latest EPS-topic Data?

Tips for moving EPS Data-Old topics to EPS Data-Latest Topics
Tips for moving EPS Data-Old topics to EPS Data-Latest Topics

To exchange information from the old EPS-topic to the latest EPS-topic information is really light. The first thing you must prepare before exchanging information is only the latest EPS-Topik Identity Number and passport number or ID card number.

After these data have been prepared, please login on the EPS-Topik site along with the username and password you have. To carry out the exchange of EPS-topic information, it is not necessary to use the Internet Explorer browser site as when listing EPS-topics. Any Web browser not only Internet Explorer can be used, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, and others.
If you have successfully logged in, just go to the page to see the EPS score-topic after that you click Move. See such a picture below :

Now in front of you is a page for the turn of information EPS-topics. There you must fill in the fields that are served, namely: column ID (Identity) EPS-topic and column passport number or ID Card No. Fill in the first column or EPS-Topik identification column along with the latest EPS-Topik number consisting of 16 digits, such as : 0122015P10010000. The 2nd column you fill in along with your passport number or the corresponding ID card number along with your information when you list the EPS-Topik for the first time. Then click on Search and wait for the current portion.

If all the information you enter is correct, then a notification may appear about the correctness of the information. However, if all the information entered is wrong, then No Data information can be found.

Why can’T the old EPS-Topik information be moved along with the new information when it has entered the correct information? If this is happening to you right now, the reason is because the EPS-Topik site is still under development. My prediction is that all EPS-Topik information in HRD-Korea has not been included in the EPS-Topik account database. So when we input the latest EPS-topic information the result is No Data. We just wait until there is an official announcement regarding the graduation of EPS-Topik participants on the BNP2TKI website.

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