Tips for choosing the best Trading app between MIFX VS HSB

Tips for choosing the best Trading app between MIFX VS HSB

Invest.operatorkita.comTips for choosing the best Trading app between MIFX VS HSB. As an innovative broker, MIX and HSB have released the most complete trading application for their customers. Which is the best? Here are tips on choosing the best trading application between MIX vs HSB.

Along with The Times and technology in meeting the needs of traders, many brokers offer the ease of trading using trading applications.

To create the best trading environment for traders, trading apps must be equipped with advanced features, super-fast execution, and a wide array of trading assets.

Trading applications certainly affect a trader’s trading experience. If not right in choosing, it can be detrimental to traders because they do not understand thoroughly the technical matters of the application.

Well, of the many best local brokers, there are several brokers that have provided trading applications, namely MIFX and HSB.

Both brokers have regulation from Coftra, so the legality is clear and security in deposit withdrawal transactions can be done through trusted local banks.

Mifx Broker brief profile

Established in 2000, Monex Investindo Futures or better known as MIFX has become one of the best local brokers with the largest trading volume in Indonesia.

MIFX operates with permission from BAPPEBTI (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency) with license number 178 / BAPPEBTI / SI / I / 2003, as a guarantee of security and legality.

At MIFX, you can trade forex using lot size 0.01 and leverage 1: 500 with only a minimum deposit of Rp 500 thousand.

In addition, mifx broker also provides 5 types of accounts that can be selected according to your needs, namely ultra low, pro account, standard, multilateral, and demo Account.

MIFX trading app

  • Application Name: MIFX Mobile
  • Google Apps rating as of December 2022: 4.5 (out of 2.5 k + reviews)
  • Leverage: Up To 1: 500
  • Minimum Deposit: IDR 500 thousand (standard and Ultra Low account), IDR 1 million (Multilateral account), IDR 250 million (Pro account)
  • Deposits and withdrawals via the app
  • Trading signals
  • Instant and fast trade execution
  • Set stop loss and take profit

Advantages of the mifx trading app

Features of Mifx trading signals.

You will not be afraid to miss a golden opportunity to re-enter the market, because the Mifx Mobile application will signal the price movement of a particular asset. These signals are compiled from various professional analysis providers with international quality.

In addition, Trading signals also display Resistance support levels that can be directly used automatically to install Stop losses and Take profits, making it easier to trade.

Interactive Educational Guide

Learn to trade directly from your smartphone with interactive educational guides in the form of videos, so you can learn forex anytime and anywhere.

Let me know about updates

MIFX Mobile also displays the latest news. Just turn on your phone’s notification alerts to be able to read the most important economic news of the day anywhere.

Mifx Rewards

After registering for a MIFX account, you will be awarded reward points for every 0.01 lot transaction that has closed a position. These reward points can be redeemed for various prizes, ranging from holiday vouchers to Alphard cars.

Brief profile of HSB Broker

PT Handal Semesta Berjangka or better known as HSB broker is an official local broker with license number 001 / BAPPEBTI / SI / 5 / 2018.

The Broker, which has been awarded the title of “Most Improved Broker of the year 2021” from ICDX, is also known as a trading service provider that offers transparency through the CITRA system, so traders can check their transactions openly.

With a minimum deposit of $100, a minimum lot of 0.1 lots, and a leverage of 1:200, you can already trade a variety of instruments ranging from forex, indices, and commodities.

In addition, HSB broker offers the lowest commission of $0/lot for its users who make an initial deposit of $1000. As for the initial deposit of $ 300, HSB charges a commission of only $1/lot and for a deposit of $100, a commission must be paid of $2/lot.

HSB trading app

  • Application Name: HSB investment
  • Google Apps rating as of January 2023: 4.7 (out of 89 thousand reviews)
  • Leverage: Up To 1: 200
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Deposits and withdrawals via the app
  • Daily Strategy
  • Instant and fast trade execution
  • Set stop loss and take profit

Advantages of HSB investment application

User friendly UI display with full features.

The application from HSB broker has a simple and understandable chart display, with several popular indicators, and fast trade execution.

Talent Board.

One of the best features of HSB is the Talent Board, which is to see what positions are opened by experienced traders, based on the ratio of profits and winnings.

You can subscribe to option traders to get notified, when they open and close trading positions.

Trading Educational Materials.

HSB provides a variety of trading materials that have been categorized into 5 sections, ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, trading psychology, and market insights based on technical and fundamental.

In addition, you can also learn online with HSB analysts directly through webinars every day. You are also free to choose a mentor to discuss a particular trading strategy.

Updated Forex news and Calendar.

Current news on world markets and geopolitics is presented in the form of articles, videos, analysis from experienced traders, newsletters, as well as notifications of breaking news on the market.

Lucky Trader lottery.

For every transaction of at least 0.2 lots, you will get a draw of points every week. The more trades, the higher the chances of getting a reward from HSB.

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