Tips For A Successful Ice Cream Business Without A Mixer

Tips For A Successful Ice Cream Business Without A Mixer

Running a home business is one of the right choices. Especially during a pandemic like this, those who work at home can run a business at the same time.

One business that will never end is culinary. However, selling food is a very common thing, but there is one home-based culinary business that is certainly liked by all people, especially children who really like snacks, namely ice cream.

If you can make delicious and healthy ice cream, then high sales potential is certainly not difficult to expect. This will allow you to get great benefits from this one business.

Unlike other businesses that require large capital, this ice cream business you can start with minimal capital. The equipment required is also not very much, you can even start without a mixer at all.

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Complete ice cream equipment and raw materials

Like any other home business, you can start this ice cream business with less complicated equipment. The manufacturing process is also fairly simple, so the risk of failure in the production process will be minimized by you well.

There are several equipment that needs to be equipped to start this business, including raw materials needed in the production process, the following equipment:

  • Special Freezer for ice cream.
  • Stove and fueloline LPG.
  • Stirrer and filter device.
  • Medium-sized saucepan.
  • The basin is large.
  • Ice cream packaging
  • Required raw materials:
  • Fresh cow’s milk.
  • Granulated sugar.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Special Stabilizer for ice cream.
  • Cornstarch
  • Raw materials, such as fruits meses and others.

The Total cost required to purchase equipment and raw materials above is only around Rp3, five million. In addition, you also need to provide for unforeseen expenses for such production activities at least 10 ❸ ri general costs above.

Tips For Successfully Starting A Home Ice Cream Business

Although the capital to start a home ice cream business is minimal budget, you still have to live it with a mature plan. Do not let your goal get a profit, it ends with a number of losses. Understand the production process well, so that the ice cream produced can be of good quality and worthy to be marketed.

In addition, this product must be able to compete in the market and bring high sales figures. Here are some tips that can be applied in starting a home ice cream business:

Choose the right type of ice cream

Choose the right type of ice cream first. You can get the idea out by making ice cream that is new and different from other types of ice cream on the market.

The choice of taste is also an important point in this one matter. If you can make ice cream with a unique and delicious taste, then the chances of these products to sell well in the market will certainly be greater.

Arrange the budget and prepare the capital

Finance is always an important point that must be observed in business, including when you want to start this home ice cream business. Arrange the right and efficient business budget, so you can more easily manage everything to the maximum.

In addition, prepare adequate capital and in accordance with the needs of the business, so that you can run this business smoothly and in accordance with the initial plan.

Use good quality raw materials

The quality of raw materials will largely determine the quality of the products produced. This will also affect the nutritional value contained in the ice cream product.

Avoid low-quality raw materials, even if they are much cheaper. If you want to produce delicious and healthy ice cream, make sure you always use good quality raw materials from the start.

Use brand, brand and unique packaging

Even if it’s just home-cooked ice cream, you still have to build your business logo seriously. This can begin with the selection of the right packaging, including taking into account the size and shape and design.

In addition, create a brand and also a unique brand, to make it more interesting and easy to remember people.

Take advantage of social media

Don’t forget to use social media to promote your ice cream. Facebook Instagrammable Instagrammable Instagrammable Instagrammable Instagrammable Instagrammable Instagrams. If possible, using influencer services can also be used as an option.

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