This is the list of EPS exam graduation-Topik PBT 13 Tahun 2015

This is the list of EPS exam graduation-Topik PBT 13 Tahun 2015

The most awaited and certainly super anxious thing for examinees is to wait for the graduation announcement to arrive.

Likewise with EPS-Topik test participants or Korean language Program participants, the announcement of EPS-Topik test approval information is certainly very stressful. Because if EPS-Topik participants pass the test, participants can continue the system after that for the requirements to apply for work to companies in South Korea. However, if the EPS-Topik participant is declared not to pass,then the participant is obliged to repeat the exam to the next EPS-Topik test.

Now the EPS-Topik Paper Based Test (PBT) exam graduation Info to 13 year 2015 for you EPS-Topik test participants can already be observed the results. You can watch the list of EPS-Topik PBT 13 exam graduation in 2015 on the official website of HRD-Korea and the official website of the Indonesian government BN2TKI. But when this article was made, on the web BN2TKI has not announced it.

Congratulations to those who passed the EPS-Topik PBT 13 exam in 2015 and until taking the next progress. For those who do not pass, do not be discouraged. Keep trying and multiply relearning as preparation for the next EPS-Topik exam.

The list of EPS-Topik PBT 13 exam graduation in 2015 is as many as 6,280 people from the quantity of registrants around 30,000 more. The standard passing score (SKL) of EPS-Topik PBT exam this year is 152. This means that only participants whose true quantity is at least 38 numbers are declared to pass the EPS-Topik PBT exam to 13.

How do I find out the list of EPS-Topik PBT 13 exam passes in 2015 ?

This is the list of EPS exam graduation-Topik PBT 13 Tahun 2015
This is the list of EPS exam graduation-Topik PBT 13 Tahun 2015

As I already mentioned above, for a clear list of EPS-Topik PBT 13 exam graduation you can see it directly on the HRD-Korea formal web. But for those of you who are not yet clear the formal address of HRD-Korea and how to check it, here I will add an example. Please first you open the formal web EPS-HRD topics-Korea.

Later when you’ve accessed the formal web HRD-Korea will be faced with an appearance as seen in the picture below. There you just specify the type of HRD web interface language-Korean. There are only two language options, English and Korean.

For example, here I specify the Korean language only. When we determine the type of Korean language, then after that will appear several menu options reset to go to the pages that carry their respective functions. To view your EPS-Topik exam pass list, click menu ⑴ (pass information). In this menu not only EPS-topic exam passing Info type PBT only, but the type of Computer Based Test (CBT) counted there. In fact, not only Indonesia, but all EPS-Topik participants in 16 countries.

When we have determined the menu ⑴ then this time in front of US is a series of links EPS-Topik exam graduation info throughout the participating countries EPS-Topik good type PBT and CBT. Surely we will now witness or clear the EPS-Topik graduation list for the country of Indonesia. Then we specify or click on the link chernob1 (chernobann), which was published on July 17, 2015.

Ok until this step now you can already see the list of EPS-Topik PBT 13 exam graduation in 2015. This page totaled 628 pages and each page consists of 10 participants. This means that the overall quantity that passed the EPS-Topik PBT exam to 13 was 6,280 people.

How to quickly track participants who pass without having to access the page one by one, you can search for it by typing the exam participant number in the column that has been provided. Type the EPS-Topik examinee number in the column and then click to search. Later the results you will be escorted to an appearance of participants based on the number of participants sought. If the result is not found, then it means that the following participant number is declared not passed.

How easy is not it? Please congratulations track and hopefully your name is found in a row of EPS exam graduation list-topic PBT 13 year 2015 this. And to clear the value of each session (reading + listening) you can watch after you register as a member of EPS-Topik. How to register to bring EPS-Topik account you can watch my previous writing How to register and become a member of EPS-Topik even not only participants who pass, participants who do not pass can register in EPS-Topik account. This means to clearly value the EPS-topics you earn.

Steps after that for participants who pass the EPS-Topik exam may be confused about what steps to take in the future? I recommend that while waiting for the EPS-Topik certificate to be distributed, you immediately feel that you are taking care of the necessary data for sending equipment later. Especially the most important thing is to take care of the knowledge whose completion requires a long fitting. Like making a passport, do a Medical Check Up (MCU), and others. For more details, you can watch my writing on the Sending requirements document of CTKI Korea EPS-Topik Program this is so that when the EPS-Topik Exam Certificate is distributed, all your sending equipment knowledge is complete. And you just have to send or send knowledge to apply for a job to South Korea.

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