The goal of successful migrant workers is the main goal of everyone

The goal of successful migrant workers is the main goal of everyone

Regardless of the country where it works, the main goal must be the same, so that migrant workers succeed when they return to the country.

The difficulty of obtaining a decent workplace in the country then this reason encourages most people to become workers abroad. They sincerely live far apart with their dear family for the sake of a better future. No matter the severity of life abroad because the important thing is that they can be successful migrant workers when they return to their homeland. But to be a successful migrant worker is not as easy as we imagine. There are countless obstacles and trials that even though they are passed by migrant workers, they are full of patience.

The word successful is indeed relative, it is not certain that people who have owned everything such as cars, houses, and so on can be said to be successful. Then on the contrary, it is not certain to count people who do not bring anything we categorize as people who are not successful. The word successful if interpreted is a desire or ideal that we then strive together earnestly to achieve it then we succeed in realizing it, then that is called success. So do not first explain that others do not succeed if we see the person does not bring abundant wealth. It is possible that the person does not carry a goal or desire to achieve it.

But for migrant workers because they deign to leave their homeland, I am sure they will bring their own reasons. Migrant workers go abroad to achieve goals that are difficult to achieve if they only rely on working in the country. If it does not bring a clear purpose in life, I think for what TKI need to sincerely live far apart with his family. Being a migrant worker is not a professional job but to be a migrant worker try only once in a lifetime. If all the ideals that have been fought for have been realized, it means that we have become successful migrant workers and it is time to gather together with family.

So what must be done to become a successful migrant worker ?

The goal of successful migrant workers is the main goal of everyone
The goal of successful migrant workers is the main goal of everyone

If basically migrant workers go to foreign countries in order to achieve a big goal, then it can make a tremendous work stimulus. Migrant workers can be smart in managing their finances and can always avoid wasteful lifestyles. Because no matter how big the salary of working abroad like working in South Korea, but if the lifestyle of migrant workers is always wasteful then when returning to the country can only bring empty hands.

Being a successful migrant worker does not mean we need to stop pursuing our goals if it has become these goals have been achieved. But you should make a new plan that is managed together with proof of employment. TKI needs to remember that to be able to work abroad like in South Korea is not easy. Migrant workers have to compete with tens of thousands of EPS-Topik participants in pursuit of passing the Korean language exam. When it has been stated that TKI graduates still need to drain patience in order to wait for the work contract (SLC). Not to mention the cost to work abroad is not small. Therefore, use the opportunity as best as possible if migrant workers have managed to work abroad even though an initial target of ideals has been realized throughout the era of the employment contract remains.

It is very feared that if migrant workers have become so successful workers can stop working until there. Not so successful migrant workers either in career, material, or science if migrant workers are not able to live disciplined and smart use the remaining time as well as possible. Stay focused along with your planned goals when going to work abroad. Diligent work is always a stimulus and need to be smart in managing finances and always accompanied by active worship and pray to Allah SWT.
When the work stimulus decreases, then immediately imagine how sick the family feels at home if it knows about it. Family happiness is our happiness counted and so counted on the contrary. The family at the place of residence can be happy if one day we return to our homeland successfully become successful migrant workers.

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