Some easy ways to remove WEB columns in WordPress comment box without plugins

Some easy ways to remove WEB columns in WordPress comment box without plugins

Eliminating the Website or URL field in the WordPress comment box is not really one strategy to avoid comment SPAM. Why should we avoid spam comments? Spam comments can only degrade the reputation of the web or blog in search engines.

And also if we Free The Open WEB column in the comment box, then there can often be cases of broken links. Usually this happens because the visitor lists the web address in the web comment field only.

So the effect of our web can be ugly in the eyes of search engines because of the presence of broken links or broken links. So from that the wise way is that we must remove or eliminate the WEB column in the comment box.

Actually, there are many ways to avoid spam comments that enter our website. One of them is by activating the Akismet plugin, turning off active links planted in the comment box, and also we can block the number of cii-character comments written by visitors.

This trick is to block the number of cii-characteristic comments that are very long and also very short comments. A short comment that merely says Say hello that has absolutely nothing to do with the article.

Then in order to be more steady again the security of our blog comes from spam comment attacks or broken links (broken links), then we just remove the web filling column in the comment box. And this tutorial is only for web or blog CMS WordPress only. Of course, this applies only to WordPress hosting itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of removing Web stuffing in the comments

Some easy ways to remove WEB columns in WordPress comment box without plugins
Some easy ways to remove WEB columns in WordPress comment box without plugins

Deleting a WEB column in the comment box has not only many advantages, there are also disadvantages. The advantages like what I explained at the beginning are that it can reduce let alone eliminate spam comments the effects of broken links or links that Google prohibits.

Then the drawback is for visitors who carry out blogwalking to our blog can not leave a trace. Then the blog owner also can not visit back to the blogger or wordpresser. Because we do not understand the website address that we initially understood came from the comments web column.

Then comes from that provision to remove the WEB column in this comment box I leave it again to you. If I were to stay this long, I might be able to implement this strategy. In the future, if I think there are more disadvantages than advantages, then I can revoke the deletion of the WEB column in my blog comment box.

If you are interested in wanting to try to eliminate the WEB column on the WordPress blog, you can follow the method that I can explain below.

How to remove WEB column in WordPress comment box without Plugin

To remove the Web column or URL that is in the WordPress comment box, there is not much code that we need. You don’t have to use any plugins. You can copy the code like this:

The next code we paste in inside the functions file.php themes that we use through cPanel hosting or more easily come from the wp-admin dashboard.

If we have installed the code, later the web address filling field located in the WordPress comment box can be lost. What remains is solely the name column, Email column, and comment column. As seen in the picture below :

Please try it if you are interested in implementing this strategy. And maybe that’s all the writing about how to delete a WEB column in the WordPress comment box without a plugin. I want to jointly implement this strategy our web can be safer and stronger from spam comment attacks.

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