Short-Term Investment Success Strategies

Short-Term Investment Success Strategies

Investment becomes an important thing to prepare the needs of funds in the future. Investments can also be used as an emergency fund. Parents tend to invest their money in gold and property.

So in this modern age, investment began to vary. For example, stocks, trading, and so on. The following will be discussed thoroughly the ins and outs of investing and how to start investing right. So, do not enter into the abyss of fraudulent investments.

Understanding Investment According To Experts

According to Sadano Sukirno, investment is a spending, expenditure, or investment to a company to buy capital goods and production equipment to increase the ability to produce goods and services available in the economy.

According to Henry Simamora, investment is an activity used by companies to increase wealth through the distribution of investment assets such as interest rental income, royaltu, dividends, and so on.

Haming and Basmalah formulate investment as an expenditure used to buy types of assets such as land, vehicles, houses or others. These assets are useful to add greater income in the future.

Investment in Mulyadi glasses is a link between existing sources in a period in the long term to get profits in the future.

Meanwhile, according to Farid Harianto and Siswanto Sudomo, investment is an activity where we place funds on an asset in a certain period with the aim of obtaining income or increasing wealth.

According to Kamarauddin, investment is an activity to buy stocks, bonds or other letters. On the other hand, it can be defined as the activity of buying capital goods by utilizing funds available for use in production for future income.

According to Martalena and Malinda, investment is a form of delaying consumption in the present in order to get consumption in the future, where there is a risk and uncertainty so that compensation is needed for the delay.

From some expert opinions it can be concluded that investment is an investment activity in any way to get a profit in the future. In a broad sense, Capital can be not only money, but also other resources.

Investment Objectives

Each investor has different investment goals, but from some of these goals it can be concluded that there are three purposes for which people invest their money. Here are the investment goals in general.

Earn A Steady Income

Those who make investments with the aim of earning a steady income are usually made by investing in companies.

For example, investing in grocery stores. From the sales results each month, a percentage of the profits will be distributed to Grameds depending on the agreement between the store and investors.

Guarantees in business

If Grameds invest in suppliers of raw materials money business is being undertaken. Then, most likely, Grameds will not lack the supply of raw materials.

In addition, low prices from suppliers provide another advantage, namely the courage to compete in the market with low prices, but good quality.

Developing Business

The proceeds from the investment can still be used to inject other businesses that are being undertaken. This cross-subsidy is very beneficial for the continuity of the business being undertaken.

Characteristics of a safe investment

There’s a lot of investment going on around us. Therefore, a way to avoid it is needed. Here are the characteristics of safe and legal investments.

The company must be registered with OJK

The company intended for investment must be safe and reliable. Characteristically, the company is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

OJK itself is tasked with regulating and supervising all financial services activities in the capital market, IKNB, and banking sectors.

Investment through brokers registered on the IDX

Broker is an individual or company that acts as an intermediary or liaison in transactions conducted by investors with the model Market. The criteria for a good and safe broker must be officially registered with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

IDX itself is a party that organizes and provides a system of facilities in the sale and purchase of securities between investors and the company.

All activities and types of investments must be registered with BAPPEBTI

All types of investments and activities legalized by the government must be registered with BAPPEBTI. According To Law No.

10 of 2019 Article 1 of the amendment explains that government agencies that have the main task of fostering, regulating, developing, and supervising Futures Trading.

BAPPEBTI has the authority to issue business licenses for futures exchanges and individual licenses as broker representatives.

Simply put, all investment services, investment types, and other investment commodities must be registered with BAPPEBTI.

Registered with KSEI as an investor identity

To make investments legalized by the Government, potential investors must be registered with KSEI. According to Law No.

8 of 1995 on Capital Market, PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) is a depository and settlement institution (LPP) in the Indonesian capital market that provides central depository services and settlement of securities transactions in an orderly, reasonable, and efficient manner.

The goal is to increase investor confidence to invest with obligations on single Investor Identification (SID) ownership. SID is a personal identity for investors in the form of a single or special code issued by KSEI for one investor.

SOD is useful to facilitate the process of investor identification, development of other capital markets, as well as securities ownership reference facilities (AKSes).

Transfer of investment funds through RDN

Investment activities are inseparable from fund transfer activities to conduct securities transactions. The correct way to transfer funds and legalized by the government is to use a Customer Fund Account (RDN).

The Customer Fund account (RDN) or Investor Fund Account (RDI) is one of the mandatory things that must be owned by individual customers and business entities to conduct securities transactions in the capital market.

Making RDN is done by registering at a securities company or broker, preparing the required documents, and following the steps in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Company.

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