List Of The best Insurance In Indonesia In 2023

List Of The best Insurance In Indonesia In 2023

The best insurance in Indonesia can be determined based on a number of indicators. One of the main determinants is the financial health that can be seen in the company’s annual report.

Please note that insurance companies in Indonesia are estimated to reach more than 70. Therefore, curating against the background of each company, of course, will take quite a long time.

Especially if you want to have insurance right away. Has the solution! You can consider the order of the best insurance companies in Indonesia according to the insurance Media Research Institute.

Alternatively, consider the recommendations of list of the largest and best insurance in Indonesia based on its type. That way, you don’t have to read all the company reviews one by one.

List Of Best Insurance Companies In Indonesia LMRA Version

Media Asuransi is a magazine managed by the Indonesian Insurance Board (DAI) which also oversees the Indonesian General Insurance Board.

This Media has a focus on insurance, banking, finance, capital markets, and other financial industries.

Through the results of data analysis managed by the insurance Media Research Institute (LRMA), the following is a list of the best insurance companies in Indonesia 2020. Of course, this is a list of insurance registered with the OJK.

List of best insurance in Indonesia by type

In addition to referring to the list of insurance in Indonesia, insurance team has also curated the 70 best insurance companies in Indonesia.

Here are some product recommendations based on the type of insurance in Indonesia.
Best health insurance recommendations in Indonesia

In choosing a good health insurance in Indonesia, there are several factors to consider.

These factors include the sum insured in proportion to hospital costs and premiums paid, the area of partner hospitals, to other benefits that can benefit customers.

Here are the best health insurance options in Indonesia more:

  1. AXA Mandiri

One of the flagship products of AXA Mandiri health insurance is Smartcare Executive.

This insurance policy option is perfect for those of you who want insurance benefits with high annual limits and low premium prices, starting from IDR 170 thousand per month.

This policy also provides health insurance and life insurance benefits at the same time.
List of the best insurance in Indonesia and Product Reviews 2022

AXA Mandiri also provides the best dental insurance that goes into the benefits of its health insurance policy.

  1. Lippo Insurance

If one of the policies from Lippo Insurance is perfect for you who are looking for family health insurance with dental care coverage benefits.

Through the HealthPlus Family Policy, customers can get the benefits of one policy for all family members at once with a premium of only Rp416 thousand per month. The annual limit of the policy reaches Rp300 million.

  1. Prudential

Prudential health insurance is indeed the most sought-after option today.

There are several insurance policy options that can be tailored to the needs of each customer, such as PRUPrime Healthcare.

This insurance offers coverage according to the PRUPrime Healthcare Syariah bill with the advantage of marhamah fund compensation if the main participant dies.

No half-hearted, the total coverage benefits offered reach Rp35 billion per year! Find more information about Prudential Insurance at.

Also check out the Generali vs Prudential Insurance Review in another article!

  1. PT AIA Financial

AIA health insurance is one of the products of PT AIA Financial Indonesia. The company’s flagship product is Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus.

This product has the benefit of coverage of inpatient and outpatient costs up to the age of 80 years.

  1. FWD Life

The best health insurance company in Indonesia is FWD Life. FWD Life Indonesia is a multinational life insurance company that is part of the FWD Group.

Its superior products are health insurance with a limit of up to Rp75 billion and COB BPJS Kesehatan.

  1. PT Asuransi Cigna

No less superior to the previous health insurance company PT Asuransi Cigna also has a family health insurance policy with a fairly cheap premium.

You can get Cigna Family Care Optima superior products at premium prices starting at IDR 500 thousand.
List of the best insurance in Indonesia and Product Reviews 2022

In addition, another advantage of Cigna Health Insurance is a limit of up to Rp67 billion and has an international RS partner.

  1. Allianz Life

Another best health insurance company is Allianz Life. PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia itself is actually a subsidiary of Allianz Group.

The company excels in health insurance policies because it offers a limit according to the bill. Not only that, Allianz Life also has more than 1000+ hospital networks both domestically and abroad.

  1. PT Asuransi Sinar Mas

The best insurance company that also offers health insurance policies is Sinar Mas. Sinar Mas has products available for insured individuals, families, and employees.

With premium prices starting at IDR 119 thousand per month for Simas Sehat Gold insurance policies and hospital partners wide enough both domestically and internationally, Sinar Mas health insurance products are in demand by many customers.

  1. Astra Life

Astra Life is also the choice of other best health insurance companies that deserve consideration. PT Asuransi Jiwa Astra (Astra Life) itself is actually a subsidiary of Astra Group.

The health insurance product is superior because it has 900++ hospital partners. Not only other advantages are double claim benefits.

  1. Mega Life

Another best insurance company that also offers health insurance products is Mega Life.

PFI Mega Life is a joint venture between CT Corp (Indonesia) and Prudential Financial Inc., (United States).

Health insurance products from the company are quite superior because the premium price starts at Rp80 thousand per month and there is a 50 percent no claim bonus benefit.

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