Learn More About What An Entrepreneur Is

Learn More About What An Entrepreneur Is

Entrepreneur is a generic word used to describe a person who is able to create or start a business. Usually an entrepreneur has a high level of creativity and innovative nature in spreading his business.

That way, the business will be able to permanently adjust to the changing times and various circumstances that may occur.

Entrepreneurs themselves generally do not work alone, but also require donations from people or other parties to spread their business. No wonder if entrepreneurs are also commonly known to be job opportunities for others.

Learn More About What An Entrepreneur Is

when viewed by definition, an entrepreneur is a person using the ability and desire to start setting up, managing, and achieving success of his own business. This also includes various kinds of risks that may be faced during the business until it can finally get a profit.

As explained earlier, the entrepreneur is a figure who can be made into a true innovator where an entrepreneur tends to bring new views and new innovations to the market.

The entrepreneur Level can be divided into several types, ranging from mini businesses or home-based businesses to businesses or multinational companies.

Basically, anyone who has a strong will and determination to start a new outlook or new business and is willing to face all the risks can be categorized as an entrepreneur.

The Concept Of Entrepreneurship

The concept based on entrepreneur is the character of a person who is actually not far out of harmony based on the understanding of the entrepreneur itself.

Entrepreneurship is known to be the ability and readiness of a brave person to deploy, organize, and run a business entity using all its uncertainties in order to obtain profits.

when viewed from an economic point of view, entrepreneurship has a close relationship using all sources of power such as land, labor energy, to capital using the goal of making a profit.

The concept of entrepreneurship is an integral part based on the capacity of a country in the world market that continues to grow and is competitive. For that entrepreneur is an indispensable figure in a company & system to ensure a company receives profit & can work more advanced.

Stages Of The Entrepreneurship Process

In the process, entrepreneurship usually has several steps or stages into the following:

Starting Stage

At this stage, an entrepreneur has the intention to start a business or business and will prepare everything necessary. A reliable businessman generally has a concept of minimal apparent SWOT, workmanship system & most NIR as long as what business is needed to be able to form a profit.

Stages Of Business Implementation

At this stage, an entrepreneur begins to manage and run all aspects of the business. At this stage the entrepreneur is generally required to have a behavior analysis and high emphasis when running a business. So, you can minimize various kinds of mistakes when running a business.

Stages Of Maintaining Business

At this stage, generally an entrepreneur will begin to face various kinds of obstacles, barriers, and challenges. Entrepreneurs are required to be able to have new solutions and new views that are creative and innovative to be able to maintain their business.

Stages Of Business Development

At this stage, an entrepreneur will begin to review and analyze the business that has been run to see opportunities to spread his business. Business development is generally concerned using the search for funding.

if an entrepreneur has been able to carry out all the stages above in the business process and his business, some of the benefits below will be able to be obtained:

  • Have the opportunity to be able to achieve multiple and unlimited profits.
  • He has the ability to control his own destiny.
  • Have the opportunity to achieve its full potential based on the efforts undertaken.
  • Have the opportunity to make an impact and change in the environment or business market.
  • Have the opportunity to do things that are in demand and preferred in business work.

Types Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can categorize as 4 generic categories of business scale, among others:

Small Business

Some types of businesses that fall into this category include grocery store businesses, hairdresser businesses, and some businesses that are done by themselves. Usually this type only employs a few family members or local employees.

The purpose based on this mini business is to receive profits that will later be used to support the family. Some mini-businesses generally receive their business funding based on the output reached into the business loan.

Startup Business

Startup business is a business initiated by a person who has a specific vision to be able to bring significant changes to the global or at least to his business industry. Serious startups in business and experimental models that are scalable as a result can be used to attract and convince investors.

Large Companies

The third type is a large company that has been stable and has its own cycle or pattern. Akbar companies can continue to develop and grow by providing a variety of new products or services that range in primary products that they offer since the beginning of starting a business.

This type of large company, for example, will generally buy a mini company that has a new invention to be able to form an innovative product internally. That way, this type can survive and cope with technological changes & market pressures.

Social Entrepreneurship

The last type is social entrepreneurship. This type is more serious in products and services that are intended to be able to solve various kinds of social needs and problems. This type has the purpose of helping citizens as a result not thinking about the profits it can get.

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