It Turns Out That Vehicle Insurance Also Guarantees Third Party Protection

It Turns Out That Vehicle Insurance Also Guarantees Third Party Protection

Who would have thought, it turns out that all dangers type insurance on a credit car has its own advantages. Not only protects the car that has not been paid off, but also protects the owner from the demands of other parties who feel aggrieved because of the vehicle.

Therefore, it’s good if you learn more about the benefits of a vehicle insurance policy, especially in the case of crashing into other parties by accident. This benefit is called legal liability to third parties.

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Legal liability to third parties

Because almost all of this kind of insurance provides protection benefits that include legal liability to third parties or abbreviated as TJH III. The term means the reimbursement of a number of losses incurred to other persons or third parties other than the object of liability. In other words, such losses are directly incurred due to related objects.

For example, you are driving on the road and suddenly hit a motorcycle that suddenly darted from the corner at high speed. You spontaneously swerved but unfortunately, the car you were driving actually hit the meatball maker which resulted in injuries and damage to the cart.

Well, the legal responsibility imposed on you against the meatball maker can later be taken over by the vehicle insurance company. This is what is meant in TJH III with guaranteed coverage of the relevant vehicle insurance policy.

How TJH III works in protecting the insured and third parties

Please note, the clause that mentions insurance for third parties is contained in the Indonesian motor vehicle insurance standard policy or PSAKBI in Chapter II. It contains a guarantee of legal liability to third parties in a case of damage due to a motor vehicle.

However, keep in mind, this TJH III is only included in the all dangers insurance option that you can choose.

In this section, it is mentioned about everything that is included in the protection of TJH III. Not only motor vehicle damage, but also bodily injury, property, death, medical expenses. In fact, the driver who is the victim can also be covered by the relevant insurance company.

However, there are some exceptions that you should understand as well. The insurance company has full control to cancel the guarantee in the event of an accident on two or more vehicles that are also covered by insurance.

When this happens, vehicle owners are required to file a claim with the insurance company according to their respective policies.

This is known as a knock for knock agreement. In essence, coverage on third parties will be completely automatically canceled if the insured has an accident or crashes into another vehicle that is also insured.

Understand the limitations of Warranties contained in TJH III

It is known, TJH III also knows another term called limit on nominal coverage. This means that each insured cannot simply apply for compensation to third parties.

Each insurance company will reimburse according to the agreement listed on the relevant insurance policy. As the insured, you can ask for filing a limit of compensation for any high loss as long as it is approved by the insurance.

If it turns out that the amount of the third party’s loss exceeds the coverage provided by the insurance company, the insured party is obliged to fulfill the deficiency. Of course, this is determined according to negotiations between the insured and third parties.

Things that are not guaranteed by TJH III

In general, not all accidents with the involvement of third parties receive protection from insurance companies. Therefore, you must know in detail each of the points excluded in TJH III according to PSKABI Chapter II regarding exceptions.

In element, Article 2 Paragraph 1 states that, TJH III does not apply if the vehicle is used as a vehicle towing tool or other.

Likewise in vehicles that are used as media to learn to drive, or vehicles in marches and campaign activities. In addition, TJH III will not apply to vehicles involved in any crime.

In Paragraph 2 was conveyed, that coverage can not be done because of the goods and dangerous animals on the vehicle. Unless, it has been regulated and listed in the policy of the insurance company concerned.

Meanwhile, paragraph three states that insurance coverage does not apply to third parties caused by riots, brawls, strikes, natural disasters, or exposure to nuclear reactions.

In essence, carelessness is very expensive. All forms of negligence in driving can trigger losses for other parties, especially now that the road conditions in big cities are very dense.

Therefore, it would be nice if you start choosing the best insurance products. Not only for yourself and financial conditions, this kind of insurance can also protect you from various forms of compensation for damage that occurs to third parties while minimizing conflicts when on the road.

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