How To Prevent Spam By Limiting WordPress Comments

How To Prevent Spam By Limiting WordPress Comments

As webmasters we must always block spam sent by visitors through the comment box. Usually this comment spam has the purpose of only looking for backlinks that lead to the sender’s blog.

Spam comments can be very annoying to other visitors and blog owners. There are many methods of spam comments they send. Such as comments that contain active links (live links), fill in comments that are not connected with the article being commented, Very Long comments that contain product promotions, or even comments that are very minimalist/little or just leave traces.

So it comes from that we as blog owners must inhibit spam comments like that. How to prevent it along with implementing a special code that brings the function to give character limit the comments they send / type in the WordPress comment box.

By blocking the number of Special comment characters on WordPress CMS blogs, we can reduce spam comments. Although they are able to send spam comments along with typing the number of comment characters matches the number of characters that we have specified. But at least this way can reduce the number of spam comments every day.

Spam comments are mostly sent by those who like to run blogwalking. Blogging is the right way to open up. It’s useless to actively run blogwalking unless the comments left after it are deleted by the blog owner.

Do smart blogwalking without having to leave a trace in the comment box smelling of spam. Now as a blog owner, to block spam comments, try applying a special code to block WordPress comments.

In addition to blocking the character count of WordPress comments, it is also possible to enable the WordPress comment moderation feature.

Or along with activating the Akismet WordPress plugin. But there is no harm in WordPress comment box we re-strengthen along with the code limiting the number of comment characters.

Here’s How To Limit WordPress Comments

How To Prevent Spam By Limiting WordPress Comments
How To Prevent Spam By Limiting WordPress Comments

To block long comments or short comments specifically on WordPress blogs we are able to use plugins. But I can’t talk about it that way. What I can discuss is how to block WordPress comments without a plugin. We must always try to minimize the use of plugins. Because reportedly unless very many use plugins, the speed of WordPress can decrease.

Here is the code that we must install on the WordPress blog that brings the function to block the number of comment characters in WordPress. In such a time, I block the maximum number of comment characters or the most up to 2000 characters.

This means that unless there are visitors typing comments the number is more than 2000 characters then it can be rejected automatically by the system. And certainly the comment was not sent successfully. Next, to block short comments or at least, I block up to 100 characters.

This means that comments sent/typed at least / minimum must have 100 characters. Please you set back suitable along with his needs.

functions.php WordPress. To place the above code, able through cPanel or our wp-admin dashboard. Place the above code before the closing php code contained in the functions editor.php or above code ?>.

Maybe that’s just a post about how to block spam comments along with how to block WordPress comments. That way we can’t get back a very short comment or a very long comment because we have limited the number of characters.

Hopefully together with the limited number of comment characters, at least it can support to reduce the number of spam comments sent by irresponsible users.

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