How To Manipulate Photos To Ruin In Photoshop

How To Manipulate Photos To Ruin In Photoshop

Photoshop photo manipulation is king. Photoshop can turn ordinary photos into extraordinary. At first the photo just looks unattractive, but along with a touch of Photoshop then the photo can be changed as you wish.

Photoshop tools are too complete for photo manipulation. Because the Photoshop program is made and developed specifically for graphic design, for example for photo manipulation.

On this occasion I will try to share how to manipulate photos into falling apart or scattered. Usually we use Photoshop is to repair damaged photos into good. But this is the opposite, that is, good photos we manipulate into ruined photos.

The graphic design term triggers the photo to disintegrate or as if it were scattered is a splatter impact or dispersion impact. Photo manipulation use splatter impact is along with utilizing Photoshop’s brush tool facility. So together with the help of brush toll we can manipulate the photo to be ruined or as if it were a mess. For example, like the next picture :

If you are interested in trying to practice it, just look at this tutorial to the end. And the main ingredient so that we can manipulate photos like the example image above is a splatter brush. For that, you should download the splatter brush and in order to facilitate the work you should use including a similar photo along with this tutorial.

After you have successfully downloaded the next splatter brush photo, please add the next brush to your Photoshop. You can see how I wrote in the beginning How to add brushes in Photoshop.

Here’s How Photo Manipulation Gets Ruined In Photoshop (Splatter Effect)

How To Manipulate Photos To Ruin In Photoshop
How To Manipulate Photos To Ruin In Photoshop

If you have all the ingredients ready, we will do the tutorial. Open the photo according to the example that I have included in the download folder. Here I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. To access photos from Photoshop, as usual you press Ctrl+O on the keyboard.

Then from the layers Pallet create a new Layer together by clicking Create a new layer. Then a new layer will automatically form along with the name Layer 2. For Layer 1 is the photo fotmat PSD downloaded above.

Now you specify the color set foreground color to white color or value #000000. Then activate the Paint Bucket Tool or press the letter G on the keyboard. This step is to give the background color of the photo a white color.

After select foreground color to white color and select Paint Bucket Tool, this time you click in the photo. The photo will be covered in white. Then you drag Layer 2 down to Layer 1, then automatically at this time the next white color will be behind the photo.

Until this step, the background process is complete. The next step is you have to duplicate the Layer. When the active Layer position is Layer 1 then press Ctrl+J. This function is to duplicate the Layer, and will automatically form a new Copy Layer with the name Layer 1 copy.

From each Layer 1 and Layer 1 copy make a Vector Mask. How you just click on Add vector mask on each Layer (see example).

Activate Layer 1 and then click Filter and Liquify. Use the Forward Warp Tool or press the letter W on the keyboard to shift the photo to the right as you can see in the example below :

If you have finished giving the Liquify effect, click OK after that move the layer mask thumbnail Layer 1 which was originally white to black. Press Ctrl+I on the keyboard. Then automatically at this time the Liquify photo will disappear.

So here we have to use each other’s creations. Because this is the essence of photo manipulation becomes shattered scattered or other meaning impact splatter. First you activate Layer 1 copy or the layer mask thumbnail is white.

Then you set the Foreground color to black and the Background color to white. Activate the Brush Tool and add the splatter brush you downloaded earlier. To use and add the brush tool, you can see the text at the beginning How to add a Brush in Photoshop.

The function of the brush tool here is to remove or eliminate the object of the photo. The disappearance of the photo object corresponds along with the type of brush tool we selected. The splatter Brush you download has 11 types of brushes. Please just adjust it along with your individual taste.

This is the last way, which is to turn on the lost object photos Liquify earlier. To display it first you activate Layer 1 or the layer mask thumbnail is black. Set Foreground color to white color and Background color to black color. Use the Brush Tool to make the Liquify photo visible. The type of Brush Tool splatter you just adjust it yourself.

If the benefits of the first brush tool above is to delete the object of the photo, but here is to revive the object of the photo that we first Invert, namely the Liqufy photo.

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