How To Make A Horror Face Playing With Photoshop Blending

How To Make A Horror Face Playing With Photoshop Blending

Photoshop manipulation Tutorial this time I can try to share how to cause a creepy face. In this spooky face effect photo manipulation tutorial the main key is to just play with Photoshop blending. Then coupled with other effects and also assisted with the image of the influence of texture. So the tutorial resulted in a spooky face can appear as if real or creepy.

Many times I say unless Photoshop is actually the king in terms of photo manipulation. It seems pretty good with Photoshop program alone unless we crave photo design or manipulate it. And then the end result of photo manipulation so that it looks like his face is too creepy :

If you are interested in trying to make it, just look at this turorial to finish. The ingredients to make a scary face are not only Photoshop programs (here I use Photoshop CS3) but only two kinds, photo style and image texture. In order to facilitate the process, please download the materials.

Here’s How To Make A Scary Face Using The Photoshop Program

How To Make A Horror Face Playing With Photoshop Blending
How To Make A Horror Face Playing With Photoshop Blending

After you have downloaded the materials, please not correspondingly style photos and texture images in Photoshop. Then drag the texture image onto the photo style canvas using the Move Tool or press the letter V against the keyboard.

Now we close the texture image canvas, because the texture image is already available on the model photo canvas. Thus in Pallet Layers can be formed two layers. Then we change the name of each layer, for the texture image layer we name the Texture and the photo style layer we name the Model. To give a name to each layer, we just double-click on each layer that we can give a name.

Next we duplicate the Texture layer and the Model layer by pressing Ctrl+J against the keyboard. The Texture Layer duplicates as many as two layers, and for the model layer duplicates as many as four layers. Name each layer. The Texture Layer becomes the Multyply layer and the Screen layer. Then the Model layer becomes the eye layer, the Soft Light layer, the Multiply layer, and the Model layer.

Drag or move the position of each layer that we just specified the name. How to move it we just click then hold and move to the position as it appears in the image below. If sorted from the first or from the top, now the layer positions are: eye, Soft Light, Multyply, Multyply, Screen, and Model.

Then we remove the eye image (Indicates layer visibility) found next to the eye, Soft Light, Multyply, and Multyply layers. There are only two layers left, the Screen layer and the Model layer.

Now that the active position is the Screen layer, double-click on the Screen layer so that the Layer Style dialog box can appear. Click or activate Blending Options: then select Blend Mode so the Screen with an Opacity value of 100%. Then specify the Underlying Layer values to be 118 and 235. This value is determined based on the atmosphere of the image texture only.

After we make settings in Layer Style by selecting Blend Mode Screen and other settings, then the effect of texture images can appear as shown below :

The next step is to activate the Multiply photo style layer and activate the eye image (Indicates layer visibility). Then we set the Blend Mode to Multiply and the default Opacity value is 100 %.

Next select style Blend mode Multiply also to the Multyply image texture layer after activating the eye image (Indicates layer visibility). The result can be like the picture for example below :

In the Soft Light layer we also activate the eye image first (Indicates layer visibility) then select the Blend Mode style to be Soft Light. More details, you see the picture for example below :

Ok to pass playing with Photoshop Blending is done. Now the photo style has appeared creepy. Because it’s as if the next style photo had her face cracked scary. In fact, it’s just the effect of texture.
The next step we make the eyes of the photo style to be even more creepy, that is, we give the effect of red color. The first way to activate the eye image to the eye layer (Indicates layer visibility), after that we activate the Pen Tool to select the eye image to the Model photo.

First we select the image of the right eye. Please use the Pen Tool to select it. Using the Pen Tool just click at the beginning of the selection, then click again at the end of the selection. Then click hold and change to position the selection to fit the selectable object.

If the eye image is all selected, you right-click then select Make Selection… and for Feather Radius give a value of 0 pixels only. Finally click OK. Then the right style photo eye image can now be selected. The sign may appear Spots Dots around it.

If the eye image has been selected correctly, we make the next selection so the Layer Mask by clicking Add layer mask. Then when we disable the layer mask, because we need to select the image of the other eye, which is the left one. To disable the layer mask, hover the mouse cursor over the layer mask (black) press Shift against the keyboard and then correspondingly click on the position of the layer mask. So that the effect can be available red X signal to the layer mask.

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