How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows 7

How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows 7

This paper is inspired when available buyers complete discussion of the material textbook 2015 revised edition asked steps to install CBT Simulator. Although actually I have discussed thoroughly in the article steps to install CBT Simulator and CBT Simulator activation steps.

However, there are still buyers who are confused so that the following textbook material attachment CD cannot be used.

Well, on that basis I caused the TeamViewer installation steps article to help buyers of Texbook materials who are difficult in terms of installing and activating the CBT Simulator CD. Because after I recommend that you install the TeamViewer application, it turns out that there are still many who don’t know about this application.

What exactly is TeamViewer? TeamViewer is a remote desktop application. TeamViewer function is very likely the user for remote inspection needs. The usefulness of this remote check is a lot of kinds, including TeamViewer users can send files, dialogue (chat) among TeamViewer application users, and we can operate computers remotely.

All of this can be accessed with the protection of the TeamViewer application and of course the 2 computers must already have access with the internet. In addition to being able to access via the internet, TeamViewer can also be done on a computer connected via a LAN network.

Then the relationship TeamViewer along with the steps to install CD CBT Simulator is for those of you who are difficult to install and activate CBT Simulator, then you can install the TeamViewer application on the computer.

Later unless TeamViewer is already installed on your computer, then I will help install CBT Simulator remotely or without me having to stop directly at your place. That way, we can solve this problem together by practically utilizing today’s internet technology.

How Do I Get The TeamViewer App?

How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows 7
How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows 7

The TeamViewer application can be obtained for free, although a paid version is available. In terms of connecting to 2 remote computers, we can simply use the free TeamViewer application. TeamViewer has helped or can be used on all types of Windows operating systems.

Such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. In addition, TeamViewer can be used for computers that use Mac and Linux operating systems. Even now we can apply TeamViewer on smartphones / Android.

To get the free TeamViewer application we can access the official web site at

I’m sure the majority of computer users are Windows operating systems. First we select the Windows tab then we click Download. At the time or at the time of the article

how to install TeamViewer written, TeamViewer application version has reached version 10. Wait a while while the Download/download system is running. The TeamViewer version 10 application has a size of 7.67 MB.

Here’s How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows

How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows 7
How To Install TeamViewer 10 On Windows 7

If we have finished downloading TeamViewer 10 on the official website, then the next step is to install the TeamViewer application on the computer. In the example installation that I will explain here is the step to install TeamViewer 10 on the computer

OS Windows 7. But basically, the steps to install Team Viewer on all types of Windows OS are the same.

To install TeamViewer on Windows OS, please double-click the TeamViewer application that we have successfully downloaded. In this view, we select Basic installation in How do you want to proceed?

Then in How do you want to use TeamViewer? we choose the type of Personal / Non-commercial use. Because actually we use the TeamViewer application is not for the type of commercial / business.

Wait a while because this TeamViewer application is being installed on our computer. Can we wait for him over a cup of coffee ….

If installing TeamViewer 10 on our computer is complete, it will display as follows on the desktop screen :

Now it’s time for action. How to use the TeamViewer application previously we had to choose a computer that would be used as a Server and Client. Of course, in terms of problems installing CD CBT Simulator, computer Server is the computer used by me. Then your computer is as a Client computer that later your computer will I operate remotely to install and activate CBT Simulator.

Please activate the TeamViewer application that you have successfully installed on your computer. Do not forget to check the number of internet networks that access the computer. If you have activated the TeamViewer, you tell me the ID and Password that appear in the TeamViewer Remote Control.

That way later your computer will access together with the Server computer or computer operated by me. You just sit sweet while finishing the remaining coffee. Because I will install and activate CBT Simulator remotely.

In addition, unless your computer wants to be a Server computer, all you need is the TeamViewer ID number and Password from the Client computer.

If you have received an ID number, please enter it in the Partner ID field then Connect to partner. When you are prompted to enter a Password, enter the calculated Password obtained from the Client computer.

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