How To Easily Create Buttons Inside WordPress Posts

How To Easily Create Buttons Inside WordPress Posts

Confused count resulted in the title for this post Perhaps more precisely re-discussion for the title of this post is how to create a colored button Style that is stored in the Visual Editor (Post) blog CMS WordPress. I couldn’t use the title because of the length. The news is not good unless we cause the title of the article is too long.

When we are creating an article, sometimes we need to insert a button inside the post. Especially if our blog is a blog that reviews tutorials, then we will need buttons such as order buttons, download buttons, demo buttons, and others.

If we want to generate a button that we will insert in the WordPress visual editor, then we will generate the type first. This will take a longer time than we were in the middle of resulting in the article needing to insert a button in it. To save time, we recommend that you save the buttons permanently in the visual editor or WordPress posts. So when we need the type of button, we just call it the type that we originally saved. More specifically, you can see the results below :

Practical isn’t it? We don’t need to be busy to generate a new syle when we want to insert a button inside a WordPress post. Of course, this will save us time in creating articles.

Here’s How To Create A Saved Button Inside A WordPress Post

How To Easily Create Buttons Inside WordPress Posts
How To Easily Create Buttons Inside WordPress Posts

To create an attractive button that we then store permanently in the WordPress visual editor we need to add the code :

Please put the code above in the functions file.php theme you are using. As usual, to go inside the functions file.php can be through cPanel Hosting or wp-admin dashboard.

Furthermore, in order for the buttons to come out more attractive, we need to add a specific type in the style file.css theme used. Example here, I resulted in the code to beautify the button like the code :

Please save the code in the style file.css via wp-admin dashboard or cPanel Hosting. If the Type I present does not quite fit together with your taste, just adjust it yourself.

Later unless you have successfully given additional codes like what I have shown above, then the WordPress visual editor will add a new button along with the name Formats.

To use it quite easily, you first type the post that will be displayed in the button, such as the Red Button. Then block the post and click Formats. Select the type that we are going to take advantage of for the button that we are going to create and you’re done.

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