How To Delete WordPress Uncategorized Categories

How To Delete WordPress Uncategorized Categories

The term Uncategorized for WordPress users I believe is familiar. Uncategorized is WordPress ‘ default category name specifically for Uncategorized articles.

This means that if we bring the impact of articles on WordPress and the following types of articles are not included in the list of categories that we have created, then we can group them into uncategorized rather than not similar categories.

Category uncategorized WordPress WordPress deliberately served for our benefit. As WordPress users we are not allowed to delete this uncategorized category. The uncategorized category is tightly integrated with the WordPress CMS and cannot be contested if we want to remove it. It is allowed to only affect the name (rename) of the uncategorized category to the name of another category.

We recommend that you use this uncategorized category along with the contents of useful articles. But it seems not enough to affect SEO if the name of the uncategorized category we let or not we change. And it will also confuse visitors if they find uncategorized categories. So the wise way if we want to use the WordPress uncategorized category, first change the default name of this uncategorized.

Here’s How To Rename WordPress Uncategorized Categories

How To Delete WordPress Uncategorized Categories
How To Delete WordPress Uncategorized Categories

Because the WordPress uncategorized category cannot be deleted, the solution only affects the uncategorized category name to the category name we want. And to affect the name (rename) category uncategorized WordPress how to come from the dashboard wp-admin WordPress immediately go to the menu heading > categories.

Then highlight the uncategorized category using the mouse pointer. After the uncategorized category is highlighted, more than one menu option will appear that has their own benefits. Here please we specify the Menu Edit / Edit.
Here is the appearance of the Edit Category dialog box. Here we are able to influence the name of the WordPress uncategorized category along with other names. Please fill in the name field along with the name of the other category you want to specify. Then we are also able to specify the uncategorized category Slug along with other slugs. Slug is the address / URL that will appear in the browser column. And you should fill in the description column along with summary sentences or representatives from all articles that will be grouped in this category.

If all of them have been completed along with what we want, don’t forget to click Update to put all the changes that have been made.

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