Here’s How To Successfully Start a Car And Motorcycle Wash Business

Here's How To Successfully Start a Car And Motorcycle Wash Business

The high needs of the public for private vehicles, making many automotive/vehicle related businesses are also increasingly in demand. One of them is a private vehicle washing service business.

Because maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle is important in order to maintain the appearance of the vehicle and avoid damaged spare components on the vehicle from dust, sand, mud and other dirt obtained from the road.

Moreover, the vehicle wash is now filled with people who have knowledge about how to clean and care for vehicles properly making the vehicle washing service business have many loyal customers.

Interested in a vehicle wash? Here are the successful pointers:

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Choose a location on the side of the Big/Main Road

Try to find a business location in a place where many vehicles pass. And if you can not just around the big/main road. But really on the side of the highway. With that rider will be easier to glance at your efforts.

Ensure Complete Business Equipment

In addition to simple business equipment such as hydraulic lift, compressor/steam wash, bucket, water hose, brush, kanebo and Rag.

You can add tools such as disinfectant sprinklers and special leather seat dryers. Also include tire Polish, special soap to make the vehicle paint more shiny and also vehicle perfume.

Include Additional Amenities

In addition to the waiting room, there are several other facilities that need to be added so that customers are comfortable and at home waiting for their vehicles in the wash. The convenience of these customers can make it easier for you to get loyal customers, you know!

You can install televisions, turn on music, a children’s playground, wifi and a small tavern or espresso keep where customers can buy drinks and snacks.

Hire Some Employees

Running a private vehicle wash business can not be done only with yourself. You have to recruit some people to help you wash the vehicles that come. Even for 1 car, not necessarily 1 person can handle it.

So if you open a motor vehicle wash business you can recruit 2-four employees. But for a car wash business you have to hire at least 6-eight employees.

Cooperation with popular Coffee Shop

Now many car washes have popular espresso keep franchises in front of or inside them such as kopi kenangan, Kopi janji jiwa, kopi soe and many more.

By making the car wash a comfortable place to hold out you can market your car and motorcycle wash business, by distributing brochures to customers of the espresso keep.

Interesting Marketing strategy

Nowadays, what is social media if it cannot be used for business promotion itself. Facebook Instagram and Tiktok can be used to promote your business.

Don’t forget to create interesting content that can attract customers. Also include attractive discounts and promos to attract potential customers faster.

Capital needed to start a vehicle wash business

The amount of capital depends on what type of vehicle wash business you want to run. If it’s a motorcycle-only vehicle washing business,at least you have to prepare funds of Rp7-five – eight, five million as initial capital.

As for the business of washing special vehicles cars or cars and motorcycles. Because the land needs to be wider, the equipment is more complete and the employees are recruited more then the initial capital estimate at least you have to prepare funds of Rp30 – 50 million.

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