Here’s How To Restore WordPress Link Title

Here's How To Restore WordPress Link Title

Link title or title link is absolutely we maintain unless we are inserting a link in the article. To create a title link in a WordPress post is very easy.

We just block the words that want to be linked, then click Insert Link or insert/edit link and there can be a column to cause the link title. But unfortunately in line with the development of CMS WordPress, now the title link facility has been eliminated in the Insert Link dialog box. And this is very difficult for users to insert links in posts, especially unless we want to cause a link title.

Link Title or the title of the link on a link is said to be very good for our blog SEO. Therefore, not just made anchor text when inserting a link, you should add including the link title. In the past when WordPress has not been updated precisely in the initial version 4.2 unless we want to give the title of the link is very easy. I don’t know why currently the link Title column is replaced with Link Text or link text.

Whatever the reason, we must return the Title Link again. Because even though we are actually able to cause link links and provide link titles manually from the HTML Post editor mode. But of course, except for the links that we edit this small amount can make it easier, but sebailknya except the number of links following very much in number, can not be tiring?

In the past before WordPress will be updated, to get links like the ones above only in one way. Now no, because the title link is removed. This title Link can be seen or useful when our mouse cursor is directed at a link.

Can you see the difference from before going to WordPress in the update and after. If at first contained the column Link Title (link title) then after updating the WordPress version so Link Text (Link Text).

Then How Do I Return The Link Title (Link Title) WordPress?

To restore the Title Link to its original form or like when WordPress has not been updated, we only need a Title and Nofollow for Link plugin. It is very easy to use the plugin, because we do not have to be set again when the plugin has been installed. Please install the title and Nofollow for Link plugin so that the WordPress post editor is exactly in the Insert Link menu of the Title Link column again.

After you successfully install the Title and Nofollow for Link plugin in WordPress, then not only the Title Link column is available. But later the included Link Text Field may remain. This Link Text can be used to create anchor text. You can then add a check box to add rel=”nofollow” to the link. This together with installing the Title and Nofollow for Link plugin we can achieve 4 benefits at once.

Maybe that’s all the post about how to restore link title (link title) WordPress. This is just to make it easier when we want to cause external or internal links in WordPress posts. Good luck and hopefully this tutorial is available.

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