Here’s How To Create Maintenance In WordPress Without Plugins

Here's How To Create Maintenance In WordPress Without Plugins

Maintenance page too we need to do. The reason is to avoid mistaken blog access by visitors when the blog is being improved.

Of course, if we do not bring the impact of Page maintenance then visitors can begin to be disturbed comfort. If there is no notification, especially in advance if the blog is being repaired, then visitors can start to be surprised if suddenly the blog error Cannot be accessed normally, or other cases.

So for that we recommend that as a wise webmaster, before the time the web site or blog can be repaired then we need to tell visitors that the blog can be held repair. Then we bring the impact or redirect the blog page to the maintenance page.

Now, the question may be, how does this impact maintenance? And here I can only share steps to bring the impact of blog maintenance specific to WordPress only. To bring the impact of Page maintenance in WordPress does not need to use plugins. The use of too many plugins can only burden the loading of WordPress.

Make enough maintenance along with bringing the impact of html format pages filled along with specific code then we upload it to the main directory of WordPress, example cPanel Hosting. Later the work step is, when we want to run WordPress repair then we just call the html format maintenance page. Another term we just run a redirect page that leads to the maintenance page.

Here’s How To Create Maintenance In WordPress Without Using Plugins

Here's How To Create Maintenance In WordPress Without Plugins
Here’s How To Create Maintenance In WordPress Without Plugins

To bring the impact of a specific maintenance page to a WordPress blog, we just need the following code :

The code above if you make it in html format then it can display a blank page. Of course, if we only display a blank page it can not be of any benefit. Visitors can not know the intent along with the display of the blank page.

So it comes from that not only the blank page that we display, we fill in the count along with the messages that the blog is being improved. For example, filling in the following message is :

Insert the following fill message before the current closing code . Approximately If already merged can be like this :

Furthermore, we can beautify the appearance of the maintenance page to make it look more attractive. Example of this blog maintenance page you can access it at
So we can just add a background color or background along with an image.

Furthermore, we are also able to modify the appearance of letters such as, letter size, letter type, letter color, and others. Or we can even insert a favicon image (blog icon) in it. The code of this blog maintenance page is as follows :

The following maintenance page code we save in Notepad then save it along with the name maintenance.html. After that we upload it in the main directory of WordPress through cPanel Hosting > File Manager > public_html.

Until this step we already have a maintenance page that we will use when the blog we manage wants to be repaired. Now what we need to run is to impact the redirect code. We only make this redirect code when we want to make WordPress improvements. The code is as follows :

Save the following code in a file .the htaccess is in the main directory of WordPress. To go to the file .fixed similar htaccess along with step to upload maintenance page file.html (as shown above). And remember, apply the code inserted in the file .htaccess is only when the blog can be improved.

Inside the code that needs to be inserted in the file .htaccess, there is a RewriteCond code %REMOTE_HOST !^192.168.888.111. That is the IP Address that you need to make sure yourself along with the IP Address of the computer Address that you often use to repair WordPress.

If you free the IP Address like that, it means later only the owner of the IP Address 192.168.888.111 is the only one that can access to the WordPress directory when WordPress is being repaired.

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