Here’s How To Create A Sticky Post In WordPress And Understanding

Here's How To Create A Sticky Post In WordPress And Understanding

One of the advantages of WordPress compared to other CMS is the feature to cause Sticky posts. Creating sticky posts in WordPress doesn’t have to take advantage of plugins or code. S

ticky posts are not just for course, (Free WordPress) can take advantage of this sticky post service. The sticky post feature is automatically available based on each version of the WordPress CMS. We can only activate it. Sticky posts are one of the most popular types of sticky posts in the world. So I made sure of that for the tutorial only.

If applied sticky post is a sticky Post. The post or blog post we want to be a static (fixed) post. Full or static posts play posts that have been displayed on the main WordPress page (homepage). If you do not know what to do, then you should know what to do and what to do. By default the list order of articles that family comes from last to famous. But there is a sticky post, the article that is forever the top position on the homepage is the article that we set to be a sticky post.

In the example above understand that I’ve caused a sticky post on this blog. The article I made into sticky is entitled How to create a Blog on WordPress complete. The following article I wrote on April 23, 2015. However, the following article forever only position is in the First Order of the homepage. Whereas previously published a more recent article on June 26, 2015. That’s what I call a Sticky Post.

Our main function as sticky posts is to encourage special attention to articles that are not sufficiently developed in terms of SEO. The next article can take the attention of visitors. With a lot of observed by visitors, it can lead to an increase in visitors to read. Then it is clear that in fact it turns out that the following article is useful, then it can rise to the position of atikel in the SERP.
Making sticky posts is a form of business to increase article ranking in the eyes of search engines. In addition, sticky posts can be filled with several featured articles. Because in a sticky post is not just one article that we can display. It is unlimited number, means that you want to display inside sticky post it does not matter.

Here’s how to create a custom Sticky Post for CMS WordPress

Here's How To Create A Sticky Post In WordPress And Understanding
Here’s How To Create A Sticky Post In WordPress And Understanding

Sticky post itself then this time the turn to issue a way to sticky postnya. As I mentioned above, displaying sticky posts in WordPress is too easy.
For sticky posts in WordPress contained two steps. First we can display sticky posts through the all posts submenu located on the Dashboard page. Then the 2nd sticky post we can make through the add new submenu comes from the WordPress Dashboard Post menu.

The first step that we can discuss is the basis of The Post menu then the All Post submenu. These menus can be found on the wordpress Dashboard page after we login in wp-admin.

If we have selected the All Post submenu, then when faced we can exit all the articles that we have written in WordPress that we manage. We just have to choose which article we can make as a sticky post. If you already get one of the articles that we can make into a sticky post, now highlight the article. Then it can come out several options menu, we select/click Quick Edit.

It then serves as a tag input. The box we have to Centar, namely the box makes this post sticky. Click there and click Update. So now you have a sticky post.

The first way to insert sticky posts in WordPress is done. Now let’s discuss the second way, which is the basis of the Add New submenu. This Sub menu paper we utilize where we can cause new articles in WordPress.

New article in WordPress so that the following article can be published, then we click Publish. Well in the Publish box contained Sticky Post settings are hidden in the Public menu. This article is an article that talks about how to make a post on the front page, and this article is an article that talks about how to make a post on the front page.

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