Here Are Some Ways To Quickly Find Out The Position Of Articles On Google

Here Are Some Ways To Quickly Find Out The Position Of Articles On Google

To find out the position of articles that are successfully published on the blog is a target for every webmaster. The articles we publish are positioned how much, especially in search engines like Google.

Of course, no one tells us that the position of the blog article is in what position. To find out if the position of the article on Google is on how many pages then we have to do it ourselves. This step we can run together manually.

For example along with typing article keywords in the Google search field. If the keywords we shot managed to hang out on the best pages of Google, then we do not have to recheck the next pages. But the problem is different unless it turns out that the keywords we are looking for are not found on the best pages of Google.

Of course we have to look back on the next pages. This is probably very tiring along with the continuous way of searching for Article keywords on each page. So from that, there is no other way back not only we have to know how to find out the fastest way to find out the position of the article on Google?

Well here I will review thoroughly the most practical way to know the position of blog articles on Google that we have published.

This method along with utilizing third parties. And you don’t have to worry about using these third parties for a fee. Because the application to check the position of the article on Google we can function for free. What application is it in question?

Application To Know The Position Of The Article In Google

Here Are Some Ways To Quickly Find Out The Position Of Articles On Google
Here Are Some Ways To Quickly Find Out The Position Of Articles On Google

The application I am referring to is Free Monitor for Google. This app is a CleverStat product. It’s not just Free Monitor for Google that CleverStat has published. For example, Accurate Monitor for Search Engines, SEO Altimeter and others.

These applications have every purpose that is essentially to develop and analyze SEO blogs. But from the many applications presented by CleverStat only two applications that we can enjoy the benefits for free, including Free Monitor for Google.

Free Monitor for Google is specific we enable to find out the position of blog articles on Google are chronologically how fit together with the keywords that we have specified. This application is not an online application like other tools. However this is an application to be installed on the computer.

How to download free Monitor for Google? It’s easy, we just visit the official CleverStat website along with the URL

For faster unless we want to immediately download the Free Monitor for Google page, we can go to the page along with the URL later we just download the link provided.

Then we install the application on a computer or laptop. The Free Monitor for Google app has been helpful for all Windows versions. And the size is very small, approximately 1.49 MB only.

How to use this application is relatively easy. If we have successfully installed it on a computer or laptop, the first thing we must determine is to increase the Site URL.

The point is that this site URL is to determine the address of which website or blog we will check the article. Click the plus icon Add URL then type the website URL and click OK.

Now we must determine the keywords for which we will check their presence in the search engine. This means that it fits together with the title of this article, we want to know the position of the article along with certain keywords. We click

Edit Keywords match together with such as the image below. Then type the keyword of the article that we will check and click Add. Here I will look for Photoshop tutorial articles along with Photoshop fire effect keywords.

Well now we have determined the website URL and Article keywords. Then we set the search limit again that we will search on Google. We click on the Options menu then Preferences.

By setting these search limits, we do not have to search for keyword matching articles on all Google pages. Except for the exception we have specified no search, but the article is still not found then add back the limit.

We fill in together with no to specify the search constraints for the Check list results field. Here I give an additional search limit of up to 50 search results only.

This means that we will search for articles along with the keywords that have been specified earlier up to page five only (1 page = 10 web/blog).

After the three absolute points we have determined, web URL, article keywords, and search limits, it is time for us to take action to find the position of the article.

We click Serach and wait for more than one pass because the Free Monitor for Google application is working. See the results as in the picture below. That way we will know the position of the article without having to search for it manually.

But except after the Search click and the running progress is complete. This means that the limit of 50 searches on Google search has reached the finish but the article has not been found. So we increased the search limit again, such as to 100. Do as above.

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