Here Are 5 Ways To Keep A Love Relationship Lasting Until Marriage

Here Are 5 Ways To Keep A Love Relationship Lasting Until Marriage

Who doesn’t want their love relationship to last or last until marriage? I believe every person who is pioneering a love relationship brings the main object of the relationship that is being lived can last until marriage.

But to reach the object is not a very easy thing. Need to go through the trials and obstacles that sometimes time often fails. Naturally, because Allah SWT created everything in this world in pairs.

Likewise, in pioneering sex relationships sometimes time is available when you like and then will experience a bleak period. The relationship with your boyfriend will not continue to run smoothly or remain romantic.

If the relationship with the boyfriend continues to run smoothly it’s not life. The name of life will certainly be found various obstacles and obstacles. Only those who can control their ego will find happiness.

And below I will share 5 steps so that a lasting love relationship can reach the level of marriage. Hopefully these 5 steps can help specifically for those of you who are going through it.

Here Are 5 Ways To Keep A Love Relationship Lasting Until Marriage

Here Are 5 Ways To Keep A Love Relationship Lasting Until Marriage
Here Are 5 Ways To Keep A Love Relationship Lasting Until Marriage
  1. Both Partners Must Understand Each Other
    Humans are created to carry different egos, even though humans have one offspring, their egos will not be the same. While the system of making love is the discovery of two different egos. Therefore quarrels in the world of love relationships are not a foreign matter. Sometimes the quarrel is triggered because it brings the character who wants to win each other’s own.
    The main key so that your love relationship can last, try to learn to control each other’s selfishness. Often learn to understand each other whatever the couple lacks. Until whenever you are not able to control the feelings to understand your partner, then guaranteed love relationship will not last long.
  2. Learn To Trust Each Other
    Never mind the new part of the relationship, already up to the level of marriage if we do not bring a sense of trust then the following relationship will be close to destruction. We will never be able to keep monitoring all the activities of the couple. Therefore, eliminate distrust in your partner.
    If you basically do not believe in your partner, then you should not continue the following relationship. It’s just a waste of fitting in vain. If you want your relationship to last, immediately build from now on a sense of trust in your partner as long as your partner is not in front of you.
    Excessive jealousy is also a category that basically does not believe in a partner. Throw away the following feelings from now on. Give your partner Freedom in pioneering life. Do not closely monitor all the activities of your partner’s life.
  3. Build Good Communication
    If we are able to build trust then long distance dating is not a problem at all. Because we believe in couples. Then keep your relationship with good communication. Long distance will not be felt if in the relationship still maintain communication. In courtship, the attitude gives the news to the couple a good action. And that is an example of busyness maintain good communication.
    It is assumed that by maintaining good communication with a partner, it will bring the impact of a relationship to be lasting. Because by still maintaining communication will give an atmosphere of calm, foster trust in your partner, and others.
  4. Always Be Honest With Each Other
    Mutual trust and honesty in the relationship is still a strong correlation. Any form of a lie in the beginning of a relationship, then it indicates your relationship is nearing dissolution. Learn to behave as you are, do not be available seasoning lies.

Although speaking the truth is bitter but much better than kudu speak lies. Building a strong relationship to get to the level of marriage is the key to learn to be honest with each other from now on.

  1. Always Be Romantic
    Everyone would love to have their partner romanticized. Romantic attitude is a spice of romance that can grow the ability to preserve romance. Do not hesitate to bring the impact of a romantic thing in any busyness. Small or big your attention is done on the couple, if done sincerely then it will be hard to forget. This will make your relationship last until marriage.

With a romantic attitude, the couple will feel observed. Your partner will feel comfortable with you. Romance can be done through speech, attitude, dress steps, and so on.

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