Here Are 20 Unique And Interesting Facts About South Korea

Here Are 20 Unique And Interesting Facts About South Korea

The country that carries an area of 99,720 km is indeed too interesting to discuss. There are many interesting and interesting facts about South Korea that deserve to be discussed.

These facts are not the same as the daily habits in Indonesia. In addition, until now the country of South Korea is still the dream country of job seekers all over the world including Indonesia. The reason if they work in South Korea salary is too big.

Actually, if we discussed all the unique and interesting facts about South Korea, it would not be good in one article. Because indeed this ginseng country has many unique and interesting facts. Then the culture of South Korea counted already well known to foreign countries. South Korea is considered to be a country that has the fastest internet connection in the world. Internet speeds in South Korea range from an average of 24.6 Mbps. Korea is famous for its food, types and Korean artists, K-pop, plastic surgery, and others. Then in South Korea is the famous smartphone that is now the leader, namely Samsung and LG.

Here Are 20 Unique And Interesting Facts About South Korea

Here Are 20 Unique And Interesting Facts About South Korea
Here Are 20 Unique And Interesting Facts About South Korea

Here for the moment I will share 20 unique facts about the life of the South Korean community. I’ll explain the rest on another occasion.

  • South Koreans rarely eat take advantage of hands directly. This means that they prefer to eat take advantage of spoons and chopsticks. The reason they think if eating using the hand is not polite enough;
  • Eating raw garlic is a habit of South Koreans. By eating raw garlic they think will neutralize the blood;
  • South Korea is famous to all corners of the world with its plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in South Korea has been supported with advanced equipment along with the cost is too affordable. The unique thing for South Korean teenagers about plastic surgery is, they prefer to be given plastic surgery gifts rather than gifts of luxury goods such as cars. Plastic surgery in South Korea is a common thing. Even their parents usually emphasize to their children must carry out plastic surgery;
  • To determine the graduation of students, in South Korea no longer use the exam system. However, they emphasize their students to multiply reading knowledge books. So derived from it, if it is ahead of the exam, usually the library will be filled by students who are reading;
  • South Korea is famous for its time discipline. This does not only apply to subordinates if in the company, but this temporary discipline applies to superiors. For example, if the boss stops by 1 minute late to the company, then the boss must apologize to the subordinate for the delay. This temporary disciplinary activity applies to all elements of government, universities, schools, and so on;
  • South Korea is famous for its kimchi food. This Kimchi food is a side dish that residents believe can increase their appetite. This Kimchi food is known as the 5 healthiest foods in the world;
  • Search engines Yahoo and Google are not well known in South Korea. The reason is because South Korea has its own search engine like Daum. Even for software like Microsoft Office counted not quite so famous, South Korea has brought its own products;
  • South Korean people like to eat noodles in the pot directly, or not transferred into a plate or the like. The reason is if they eat noodles in the pot directly, it will feel hot and more delicious than being moved first;
  • In matters of religious life, the population of South Korea is not emphasized to adhere to a particular religion. Even Koreans are allowed to have no religion. Thus derived from it, the population of South Korea amounted to approximately 45.6 percent who do not adhere to any religion at all;
  • South Koreans eat without chairs. They prefer to eat while sitting on a pillow with a low table and the position of their feet sitting crosswise over the;
  • Korean (Hangul) is recognized by the world as the most logical language. The reason is because Korean letters like consonants and vowels are more lightly distinguished from writing and pronunciation;
  • For the inhabitants of South Korea pine trees contain the philosophy of love. So they called the pine tree the tree of love. So it comes from that many Korean films involving this pine tree, more so romance films;
  • South Korea is known as the world’s most stressed person. The effect comes from this strees, many South Koreans who end their lives together how to commit suicide. Because of the trend of this suicide problem, the Korean government then connected a consulting Office for those with this depressive illness. Even in South Korea there are certain suicide websites, where visitors to this web site are chatting and meeting to commit suicide in congregation. Korean people are depressed due to economic problems, Love Breakups, study stress, failing to enter their idol’s university, especially because they follow their idol who has died by suicide;
  • Students in South Korea entirely discipline is not available who smoke. Both are studying and outside of class hours. They are all disciplined, because sanctions for students who are caught smoking will be expelled from the school;
  • South Korean food is almost entirely pork. Because for them this pork tastes too good and delicious;
  • South Korean men are more sensitive and romantic on average than South Korean women;
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages for Koreans is a common thing, both men and women;
  • By getting used to the culture of discipline, the culture of queuing in common areas is something that is common for South Koreans;
  • South Korean society if it has done wrong then do not hesitate and quickly admit it honestly. Then do not be ashamed to ask for forgiveness;
  • In addition, there is no exam culture for graduation students, then in South Korea there is no student orientation period (MOS) Culture while they are about to enter school or college.

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