Examples Of Small Capital Business Big Profit

Examples Of Small Capital Business Big Profit

Small capital businesses can now be a side business during a pandemic. There are various small capital business ideas that can make big profits, if pursued.

The ease of digital technology, gives a promising opportunity to start a business. You can sell merchandise as well as expand the market network.

This business idea can be an inspiration for those of you who have small capital. Quoting from several sources, here are examples of small capital businesses that can make big profits.

Rabbit farming business rabbits include cute animals that can be raised into pets. It turns out that rabbits can be a small capital venture.

You can do business decorative rabbits and rabbit livestock for sale. Quoting from the book Raising & broiler Rabbit business, this animal can be a business idea with small capital.

You can start by buying rabbit breeds to get started. This small business capital can be adjusted and added. You can produce diverse products from rabbits.

Dropshipper Business

If you prefer to stay at home using technology such as mobile phones and computers, a dropshipper business can be an option.

Dropship system is a profitable business without capital. The seller does not need to have a stock of goods, just specify the product and the type of goods sold.

Online stores or marketplaces offer dropship for consumers. This dropship business is to promote products.

You can upload product images and captions and then share them on social media and online stores.

After that, wait until the consumer asks for the product.

Private Lessons

One of the few Capital efforts is to develop private lessons. You can gather students into small groups and then teach them.

Setting up private lessons yourself can determine the learning rates for schoolchildren. You can also open tutoring at home yourself at an affordable cost.

Tutors simply provide an empty room containing a small table, blackboard, and writing supplies.

Agent Pulse and packet Data

Now the need for credit and internet packages is everyone’s obligation. Pulses and data packets are communication needs and access to information.

You can sell credit and data packages at home. You can promote through social media for the sale of pulses and data packages.

Photography Services

If you like photography and have a good camera, you can take advantage of photography services.


Business photography can be promoted for weddings, graduations, and special moments. You can form a small group for this business opportunity.

Graphic design and Video Editing

If you have skills in the field of graphic design and video editing, you can open this business at home.

You need laptops, computers, tablets, and devices for graphic and video design creation.

Almost all business sectors require graphic design and video editing. This graphic design job can be done alone at home and recruit other members.

Crafts and Arts

Everyone has different skills and creativity. Ideas for opening a business in the field of handicrafts such as bags, toys, accessories can be an option.

Now there is a marketplace that opens specialized shops for handicrafts and art. You can create an account to promote the sale of your goods.

This business can be done at home, but you need financial records for capital, income, expenses, and debts.

Thrift business or secondhand clothes

Thrift shop business or selling second-hand clothes worth using, now this is a trend. This business requires a small capital that students and college students can do.

You can promote shirts, jackets, clothing, and T-shirts to social media and online stores. Usually used clothes offer cheaper prices than buying new clothes.

Speaking in public or Public Speaking

The advancement of technology and the development of video applications, raises new business opportunities. For those of you who have the ability to speak in public, this business can be a side income.

Armed with the science of public speaking and studying the material, you can open an online class. This online class discusses material about public speaking, speaking tips, and other materials.

You can open this side business at home, using the internet and computers. In addition, you can also join the public speaking community to become a speaker in online seminars.

Cake Business

Baking and bakery including business in the culinary field. Nowadays there are various snack trends that attract consumers.

You can market products online and provide innovation for food. Creative business snacks and cakes are usually popular with young people. The capital needed is to buy materials and tools to make cakes.

Business Services Titip (Jastip)

Titip or jastip services are included in small capital business opportunities that provide big profits. When you travel, get to promote stuff on social media.

Goods purchased for consumer deposit. Jastip is usually clothes, accessories, cosmetics, toys, and other items.

Affiliate Marketing

Online stores or marketplaces open programs to promote their products, on social media. Affiliate marketing includes businesses with small capital requires mobile phones and the internet.

People who join this affiliate marketing program will get a commission. The trick is to have an active account on social media and many followers.

After following the registration requirements, the user begins to promote the product in the online store. You can get a percentage commission for each transaction.

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