Buy Kripto In Indonesia Can Get USDT Cashback

Buy Kripto In Indonesia Can Get USDT Cashback

Invest.opratorkita.comBuy Kripto In Indonesia Can Get USDT Cashback. Indodax distributes prizes for traders who make crypto pair transactions with IDR currency. This Promo runs until February 14, 2023.

Welcoming the month of February, Indodax exchange distributes cash back to new users. Indodax cash back Promo this time will be given in the form of USDT.

This promo period runs from February 1 to February 14, 2023. For every user who purchases crypto assets with IDR pairing as the first transaction, is entitled to get cash back of IDR 50,000 in the form of USDT.

This transaction applies to all crypto assets with IDR currency pairs except stablecoins. The minimum purchase amount set is Rp200, 000.

Please note that Indodax provides a limited quota for this promo every day. However, the quota will be reset every 10.00 WIB every day during the promotion period.

Prizes for lucky participants will be distributed automatically through the Indodax application no later than 30 days after the end of this promo period.

For additional information, participants can only participate in this promo once. This means that each phone number and email can only be entered once.

This also applies to ID cards of citizens or foreigners. Don’t forget to make sure your account has gone through the verification (KYC) stage at Indodax so that cashback prizes can be claimed.

This Promo can increase the user’s crypto asset portfolio and make crypto asset trading activities on Indodax even more enjoyable.

It can also be an opportunity to get USDT for free. Considering that USDT is one of the crypto assets with the highest market capitalization, there is certainly no harm in adding the coin to the list of crypto investments.

For users who have not been lucky, there is no need to be discouraged. Therefore, the Indodax exchange also held a birthday greeting promo with a total prize of millions of rupiah.

The method is quite easy, users simply make a birthday greeting along with 9 words for Indodax.

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