9 Employee Side Business For The Sake Of Additional Money

9 Employee Side Business For The Sake Of Additional Money

9 Employee Side Business For The Sake Of Additional Cuan – Employee side business at this time is very relevant to millennials, especially in this pandemic era.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the impact of corona has been more based on 3,five million employees in Indonesia being laid off. Not sporadically this creates affected residents and then start a mini business in order to be able to receive income.

One positive thing that can be observed based on the new normal era of this time is the number of new side businesses that are born. This is also driven by a variety of digital platforms that turn out to provide greater opportunities for citizens , especially employees, to start a side business.

The employee’s side business turns out to be poly initiated by each individual because it is a channel of talent, hobby or just filling in when leisure or even exploring new things. Not impossible, this employee side business sometimes even makes you more successful based on primary work.

Various Side Business Inspiration

Results based on the side business that employees do can be done for various things, such as additional savings or investments. See the various kinds of profits that can be generated through employee side business. Here’s a summary of various types of employee side businesses for TaniFund friends who can be used as new views!

Business gifts or Hampers

if you like to pack gifts for colleagues or friends when they have a birthday, one of the new side business views that can be done is to create a simple hampers business. This type of business is suitable as a side business because the order is done in exclusive times only.

Usually, Poly hampers are ordered when celebrating birthdays, religious holidays, to just be sent to clients. That is, you can set when in sync to take care of your side business and primary job.

Hampers have various kinds of Contents and forms. The contents, generically, are fruit, cakes, mini or light Culinary, to the furniture of the stairs, for example, the sense of eating. Therefore, of course, hampers side business can be an option that does not require large capital or interfere with working hours.

Selling credit and Internet Packages

Selling credit and / or internet quota packages is one of the most practical and non-disruptive side. Because, in this digital era, credit is a crucial need that must be met in a variety of activities, both outside the place of residence .

Promotion is also very easy, start based on the closest people such as relatives, work friends, relatives, to neighbors. With careful arrangements, selling credit and internet packages is able to form a cuan without obligation as a very hassle.

Become A Freelancer

Do you have a myriad of abilities and capabilities outside of primary work, such as designing, writing, and creating programs? One of the side business employees who can be taken is as a freelancer.

Working using this date system is capable as a promising side business opportunity. Because, you are more flexible on getting projects and can manage when the process uses more freely. That way, you can do 2 tasks at once without feeling overwhelmed.

Become A Reseller

This type of business must have been heard a lot. Reseller is very suitable for an employee who does not necessarily have poly capital. Because, you relatively buy product stock based on a business using reseller specific prices which are usually cheaper.

Not only that, as a reseller also means you have extensive employee side business opportunities. The reason is, the expected capital is relatively minimal, a wide variety of product choices, and can be done at any time.

However, you have undoubtedly also competed using several other resellers. So, it’s good to be smart about determining products to sell, huh!

Sell food for breakfast

As an employee, you must be aware that most workers decide to buy breakfast outside rather than at home using the excuse when the tight. Well, they can be the first target of a side business selling breakfast.

Doing this business is relatively tricky, but if done well, it certainly puts a relatively large profit . You can provide a dish for 1 Week and open a pre-order 1 Week in advance. So, you can more easily prepare culinary.

if bookings can exceed 100 people, then it is a good idea to start hiring a housekeeper assistant to help you with cooking. Interesting isn’t it? Selling Culinary for breakfast is also able to be innovated by opening a healthy Culinary Catering.

Well, if it turns out your business is growing rapidly and requires a system to expand the reach to sales invoices. So, don’t hesitate to apply for a business capital loan for development and sales invoices on TaniFund.

Open An Online Store

In this technology-filled era, it’s no wonder that online stores are the choice to start a business. Therefore, residents prefer to shop online. Moreover, if the pandemic continues, online stores can be used as another way to reduce crowds in stores.

The employees were able to start a side business using open an online store on a variety of marketplace poly available. Opening an online store on public media is less advisable because it is more complicated to manage and its features are more inclined towards social use than business.

You can start an online store that sells items that are often sought after. if you do not disappoint busy using primary work, a practical option that can be taken is to sell using the dropship system. That is, you only need to sell the supplier’s goods without having to stock yourself.

Simple cafe or Warkop

Coffee shop or cafe business is now increasingly popular, both young people and adults coffee lovers. if you are one of them, there is no harm in running a simple cafe that you can monitor the completion of completing primary work.

Moreover, this business will also be very suitable if you have a location in a relatively crowded environment. For example, in industrial areas or other settlements of employees. Because, it is not strange if office employees are keen on coffee that helps make permanent focus.

In addition to industrial areas, for those of you who live in residential areas that have shop houses. Having a cafe using a graceful interior and dagi can also be an interesting business.

During this pandemic, for example, there are sporadic employees who work based on residence and sometimes feel bored using the terms of residence . So, melipir to the cafe can be a suitable choice. Don’t forget to prepare an economical dish and a fast internet connection, yes!

Selling Plant Seeds

This one effort can be used as an option because it brings big profits . Therefore, plants are relatively flexible to be planted in residential areas to office sites. Your business targets will also vary, ranging from mak residence stairs, generic citizens, to other employees who are keen to plant plants.

Especially, when you love and enjoy looking at poly plants . Try opening an employee side business by buying seeds based on regional farmers using affordable prices, then selling them home using prices that match urban areas.

By buying seeds based on farmers, you also help spread their business. if you feel a lack of capital, you can also apply for a loan at a specific TaniFund to manage your Agricultural business.

Catfish Farming

Catfish farming is often a joke among netizens to be a solution when a person does not accept a job. In fact, fish farming is also able to be done as a side business of employees who are working. This idea is suitable for those who want to start a business in the field of Fisheries.

The prospect of catfish farming is certainly promising, the article catfish is often used as consumption for some warung pecel catfish at night. Moreover, catfish is also one of the commodities that are favored for consumption by Indonesian people. You can also show Catfish aquaculture output to various kinds of restaurants.

So, there is no harm in spreading this catfish farming. The cultivation process is not difficult. Catfish seeds are also relatively cheap starting from the price of Rp400 to Rp1000. All depends on the length of the catfish. Interesting isn’t it? See more complete TaniFund article How to cultivate catfish.

Beverage Business

Drink business as one of the businesses that can be occupied and as a side for your employees. You can sell powdered drinks or those known to use powder. In the pandemic era, for example, of course, there are many employees who need this drink to be used as a daily work friend. How interesting is it? The wine business is always required to have a stand, yes! Special this one is certainly poly variations that you are able to combine.

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