7 benefits of using credit cards to Grow Your Business

7 benefits of using credit cards to Grow Your Business

Developing a business by relying on credit cards, this may never cross your mind. Although initially intended for various consumptive needs, credit cards can also be used to develop businesses. This must be done with careful consideration and planning, so that the goal of developing a business can be achieved properly.

In addition, also understand the benefits and risks of using credit cards properly first. However, the purpose of using this payment facility is certainly to get convenience. The following are some of the advantages that can be obtained when using credit cards to grow a business

The submission process is quite easy

For most businesses, the difficulty of accessing banking credit services is one of the obstacles in developing a business. You will need collateral and must meet various banking requirements, so credit disbursement is often difficult.

But it’s different when using a credit card, because this one banking product is fairly easy to get. You can apply for a credit card by going directly to the nearest bank institution branch and submitting it directly at the client service.

If you are busy and don’t have time during working hours, you can even apply for this credit card at the mall when the bank holds an exhibition there.

Secure transactions

If a few years ago credit card transactions were still carried out by affixing a signature, then today it is not. Transactions made using this facility are more secure.

Just like debit cards, credit card transactions have also been carried out with the application of a PIN. You only need to use the right PIN and of course be kept confidential, then the use of credit cards will be safe from ignorant hands.

Ease of transaction

You can also enjoy the convenience of transactions when using a credit card. This payment facility can be used at various service providers scattered in various stores.

Can also make cash withdrawal transactions easily at ATM machines. Not only offline shopping, credit cards can also be used for various online transactions carried out using internet services. All this will make it easier for you to use this product to develop your business to the maximum.

Clear magnitudes of interest

When talking about credit, then credit interest is certainly one of the important points that cannot be ignored. Regarding the application of interest on credit cards, this is adjusted to the BI regulation issued on January 6, 2012.

Referring to this regulation, the current credit card interest applied is a maximum of 2,ninety five percent consistent with the month. This is certainly a small amount of interest, when compared with various other loans outside the bank.

Interest-Free Service

When using a credit card, you can enjoy interest-free services. This is certainly different from other loans that basically apply a fixed monthly interest. The entire bill will not be charged interest, if you always pay your credit card bills on time.

In addition, make sure to always pay the bill in full every month. This will prevent the onset of interest charges in the next month.

Longer interest-free period

Not just a month, a credit card allows you to enjoy an interest-free period for up to forty five days. Be sure to understand and always remember the due date of the pace and also the billing date exactly.

Make the transaction after the print date, so that the bill will only be printed in the next month, and you have 15 days after the print date to make the payment.

Large credit Limit

You can get a large credit card restriction, especially if you use a credit card long enough. Usually the bank will increase the card restriction gradually, especially for customers who use good credit cards.

A large credit Limit like this will allow you to develop your business more optimally in the future. Utilizing credit cards as capital to develop a business certainly doesn’t hurt.

But a credit card is not a cash credit like a business loan, so it must be able to use it appropriately. Have the right considerations before using credit cards to develop a business, so that the business can be successful without financial problems in the future.

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