5 things UMKM entrepreneurs need to have to be successful

5 things UMKM entrepreneurs need to have to be successful

Indonesia is a fertile field for UMKM entrepreneurs. In 2021, there will be at least 64.2 million UMKMs spread across the archipelago.

His contribution was no joke, reaching 61.07% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP) or equivalent to 8,573.89 trillion. That is, UMKMs are too absolute to help the country’s economy.

You can also color this country along with being a successful entrepreneur. For that, there are some things you need to have so that your small business gets money. Let’s review the explanation.

Tips for successful UMKM entrepreneurs

In addition to a tough mentality, there are many things that entrepreneurs need to learn when they feel like running a business. There are five crucial things you need to understand so that your business can win the competition in the market, here are the details:

The Ability To Be A Leader

The ability to handle cases in business needs to be owned by entrepreneurs. Leadership is one of the absolute elements to solve problems in the field.

You can learn many leadership traits through direct examples from successful entrepreneurs. You can include studies from books, seminars, podcasts, and so on. However, the basic principle of forming the soul of a true leader and entrepreneur is experience.

That is, entrepreneurial leadership will be formed and honed through a variety of experiences that run as long as the business is run.

The stronger you survive in the face of a wave of tests, the more tested is also the soul of leadership.

Have a quality and unique product

Your business has the opportunity to win the competition as having a product that has quality and unique. The two things can not be separated to attract customers.

The way to produce products that have quality and different in the market is along with sharpening creativity.

Every UMKM entrepreneur needs to be observant to find uniqueness or added value in the midst of too high competition.

This trend that runs right, UMKM products tend to compete to have their own brand but provide less value. This is because of the lack of creativity so that their products are difficult to compete with the manufacturer’s products.

Have An Attempted Master Number

There are a number of advantages for entrepreneurs who already have a business identification number (NIB). First, the business has been formally registered in the Online Single Submission (OSS) at the Ministry of investment/Investment Coordinating Board.

Second, access to help will be lighter as you already have NIB. Currently, the government tends to prioritize entrepreneurs with NIB to connect training facilities to business assistance.

Similar to the NIK in the identity card( KTP), NIB is a marker that you are an entrepreneur. By having NIK, you include helping the government manage UMKM data as a policy reference for small entrepreneurs.

Computer Literate Ms. Office

This fitting digital world “forces ” you to adapt immediately so that you don’t miss out along with technological developments.

With technology, you can run your business efficiency and expansion even better. Nowadays the use of social venues to market products is an efficient way to run a marketing business.

This is because almost everyone has a mobile phone that is connected to the internet. Thus they include going along with lightly connected social places.

The more they connect to social places, the more potential they have to look at your product. Instagram facebookshapps, Instagram facebookshapps, Facebook Facebookshapps, and so on.

Recruit a reliable team

Working together with a competent team and having a vision-mission in line is too instrumental for the success of your UMKM. Remember, your team will determine the success of the business because they will manage the business every day.

Investors themselves will only entrust their money to a collection of people who have good abilities, not just a brilliant business idea.

You can designate people who have stimuli and requests for study in the team. So, your business can continue to grow even run the jump.

By being aware of the 5 crucial things above, you already have the initial capital to become a successful UMKM entrepreneur.

However, the initial capital needs to be honed again along with taking the Pijar Mahir UMKM class. This class is suitable for those of you who want to start a business in the culinary field and various other types of UMKM class businesses.

One of Pijar Mahir UMKM entrepreneur training is a strategy to build a startup for culinary entrepreneurs. Not only discussing Culinary that is suitable for business, you will get knowledge about the type of capital, sources of capital to techniques for designing business proposals.

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